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  1. Sorry for off-topic but I really don't understand why it is so important to give credit for something like animated gif which takes maybe 1 minute to do in a convesion software and that's it, that's all the effort put into it, really. And even why people consider such gif "theirs"? Sure they made it out of some video, which was not theirs in a first place and use some usually free conversion software which once again was written by someone else. To me it feels like if I make gif from entire movie for example and then go and say, look this is movie made by me. It is not... I don't mean to offend anyone but this is how I feel about "ownership" of such things. Once again I apologize for off-topic. Yes it's just politeness, then it was just for a bit of humor after the rather sterile conversation that there was For me it's important, because it's not simply a matter of putting in software. It there's a whole lot else to do, make a coloring that makes good, change the second image so that it does not go too fast ... And this is not the topic here. It's just that it's okay to recognize the "work" of someone in my opinion whether for the gif, or something else, imagine a person who spends hours looking for a photo, find it around the next second it's a little irritating maybe it's nothing for you to make a gif species, but, it needs really so much work. you have to do the things cass-lima said and even more sometimes, for a good gif anyways, cass-lima just 'joked' when she mentioned that she needed no credit for the gif because she made it. Let's end talking about credits
  2. Stop acting like a child!!..Your quote was at me so stop lying..I gave credit but not to you how was you expected..That's all I'm so sorry for people like you..
  3. excuse me? LOL when you don't know something, please don't say... I didn't want any credit I was quoting another image. bye
  4. I wanted to quote another pic and quoted yours Isabell sorry
  5. ^ please credit the original source. xx
  6. Thanks for the VS pix guys! you're all amazing Oh and thanks Laura always, this campaign is gonna be the most amazing thing when it comes out! Thanks!
  7. Thank you so much for the images! She is so lovely
  8. I'm obsessed with her street style! Thanks for the pix
  9. Press is for that, for judging celebrities & making rumors, etc. It's not her fault what press writes. Real fans don't believe in rumors. Imo
  10. Thanks for the paparazzi pictures Matute!
  11. 4 high quality from Marie Claire US http://imgbox.com/g/Fvo6WVPLPu
  12. I want something new.. photos, campaign, free people issue editorial and things..
  13. I wish Candice could go to the Chopard party and Cannes film festival Fingers crossed
  14. Candice Swanepoel: "Bottletop changed me" EN Fashion - Candice Swanepoel is overjoyed to be a part of the "life changing" charity Bottletop. The Victoria's Secret Angel is one of many fashion stars who support the work the company does, headed up by Cameron Saul and Oliver Wayman. The brand's latest project is a bag collection created in Bahia, Brazil, by local women which enables them to support themselves and their families. Candice was sent on location to Brazil to shoot the latest campaign, with Narciso Rodriguez lending his talents to the design of the bag that incorporates ring pulls of canned drinks. "The time we spent at the Bottletop atelier was really special. It was amazing to meet the team and see the incredible work that is being done there," Candice gushed to vogue.co.uk. "They work closely with the design team in Paris to create the new styles each season. The level of detail is stunning! The atelier is set up in one of Brazil's toughest neighbourhoods and the training programme has been life changing for those people who have taken part. It's an amazing project and I'm excited to watch it grow." Aside from her Bottletop duties, the South African model feels a strong affiliation with Brazil. She refers to the country as her second home, and it's where her long term love Hermann Nicoli hails from. Getting the chance to shoot there was a dream job for the blonde beauty, who says the atmosphere on set was relaxed and fun. "The shoot was wonderful. The location was a stunning contemporary beach house designed by one of Bahia's leading architects with lots of glass walls and light, which is perfect for shooting. We were lucky that the sun shone! "We had a DJ playing electronic dance music all afternoon to keep our energy and spirits high and I think you can tell we had a great time by the quality of the images," she smiled. Cover Media © Cover Media Source: Yahoo celebrity Philippines
  15. Guys, you can vote every day (once a day) for Candice at fashion tv fashion film awards 2014 http://www.fashiontv.com/fashionfilmawards
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