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  1. I'll try to find photos from the show/paparazzi untagged HQs for my site and post here. I'll check ftp & image accounts
  2. haha of course she does. Candice does even more than just 'rocks' but you rock! thanks for all updates
  3. do you know the date? 'The Leftovers' actress Liv Tyler spotted out and about in New York City, New York on June 25, 2014. thank you
  4. yaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy!! thank you!! love the shoes and Candice is gorg!
  5. thanks so much! I'll go post them on my Liv fansite
  6. http://www.maxim.com/maximtv/candice-darling
  7. Candice in the Sunday Times Style new issue editorial. Ph: reprint from Bottletop 2014 campaign. click for full size and better quality. SOURCE: SWANEPOELDAILY.COM/GALLERY
  8. Hope to see the Max Factor photo in better quality.
  9. thank you for all throwbacks hope we'll have new photos soon
  10. New reprint cover. Gossips Japan latest issue
  11. Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life ourselves alone; We find it with another

  12. thanks for all the images!
  13. Keira obviously is one of my favorites. so stunning
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