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  1. What I found: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3385624/?ref_=nm_flmg_act_1 Upcoming movie starring CS, hope its something real since IMDb is source and its on pre-production.
  2. Gorgeous! I like it, is an unique cover!
  3. Thaaaaaaaaaaaaank youuuu Anyone has her Vanity Fair Jewellery supplement cover of August 2014?
  4. June and July are the best months for Candice.. at least two news a day. Go girl!!
  5. I'm shocked! Thanks for all the additions
  6. Hope to get some better quality pix. Thanks Laura.
  7. Always loved her edits! My site's first ever header was made by her and absolutely stunning!
  8. Julia has been nominated as Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Miniseries Or A Movie for her work in “The Normal Heart”! This is her second Emmy nomination: she was already once nominated in 1999 for the guest role in the show “Law & Order”. “The Normal Heart” got a total of 16 nominations. Julia’s husband, Danny Moder is nominated too for Outstanding Cinematography. SOURCE: JULIA-R.COM
  9. LenoreX and Laura you both're always the best with Candice news. thanks!
  10. Thanks LenoreX! these photos are amazing.
  11. WOW, new VS photos are flawless and stunning!
  12. love, love, love this shoot! thanks for HQs! I wanted to make a site design with these but decided to make one with Free People :-)
  13. Love the photos! turbo image host is too bad - my computer's full of viruses from it no =/
  14. All updates are amazing, LOVE the Free People video and she looks amazing in all the new pictures
  15. Thank you so much. Waiting for more. I thought Candice was gonna walk on the runway, but nah
  16. amazing!!!!!!!!! these photos are Heaven. thank you!
  17. wow -- thank you so much for these beautiful images!
  18. yaaaaaaaaaaas she rocked dior runway today
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