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  1. Does anyone know the name of her 2 editorials for Vogue Brasil May 2020 issue? I can get you the photos in HD
  2. Does anybody know the title of her Vogue Brasil editorial? If someone gives me the name of her editorial I will post the photos in high quality
  3. I was talking only about the editorial/cover story: The photos you have posted are the cover with and without text, and the photo with Anacã it's from an article about her natural birth in Brazil.
  4. THANK YOU! The editorial is such a huge missed opportunity, lots of photos and very few of Candice. This are all Candice pics (6 out of 13 ) :
  5. What's the name of the editorial from Vogue Brasil?
  6. Natasha and Raquel for VERSACE!!!!! Finally! I'm in heaven! So....Mert & Marcus in LondonInez & Vinoodh in NYLuigi & Iango are at home (wherever that is), they posted on IG Maybe Mario Sorrenti.... maybe Steven Meisel back at Versace..... If it was shot by Sorrenti I would be in cloud nine! But if it is by Meisel chances of a VI cover increase so either way I'm good, but like Luca said she id Pat and Guido, so it's probably Meisel! Can't wait to see the finished product!
  7. UHQs Even though rosie was the only one wearing the Couture being showed today, it's greta to see Natasha sitting front-row, and her Versace moment in Cannes was so huge and talked about that Donatela had to seat her like the other worldwide celebrities
  8. Vogue Korea July 2015 glossynewsstand.com
  9. Vogue Italia is by Meisel, it was only the June 2015 issue that he didn't shoot, Franca sent out a press-release saying it was just a special issue in honor of China with new photographers, and that Meisel will be back for VI for the future issues.
  10. Yes, the photos could be better, the first is fine but the second shot with the opening look she looks a little bit dazed/high, but it's a new Michael Kors type of advertisement and she is part of the change, I hope Michael now stays with her for many seasons! But the results could be so much better... hope the other shots look better then these two
  11. NATASHA GOT MICHAEL KORS FW15 BY MARIO TESTINO! p.s. Karmen is now the face of the second line, MICHAEL Michael Kors, the cheap one
  12. I agree wit Luca and Marco, the budget for that trip and shoot was way to big to be only an ed, and when Mert & Marcus shoot for Vogue Paris it always ends as the coverstory, at least since Alt took over, can't wait to see the results...
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