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  1. You're welcome ! And let me tell you one thing: your sigi is gorgeous thank you! i made it myself. Wow congratulations ! I love Cintia by the way Back on topic now. Simone has updated her website with new pics -> http://simonevb.webs.com
  2. You're welcome ! And let me tell you one thing: your sigi is gorgeous
  3. Good to see something new ! I think those Delias pics are new too She's soooo cute
  4. Old pics of Kim for Sauvage Enjoy !
  5. You're welcome dear lady
  6. Your first post was for Kim ! Congratulations !
  7. Old pics of Kim for Boston Proper. I miss her so much
  8. Thanks a lot ! From where did you get it ?
  9. Great pic, thanks Matute ! Where did you get it from ?
  10. New VS pics of our lovely Jeisa
  11. You're right Minus, I haven't noticed this ! But on her supermodels.nl page her birthdate is only "01 january", and some models on this site haven't any birthdate... http://supermodels.nl/simonevillasboas So I don't know !
  12. Thanx Minus for your great video ! I finally found her birthdate ! It's 01/01/1988 http://www.assuntodemodelo.com.br/Modelos_...=160&Pag=11 ...and I found this cute pic of her at 14 (sorry it's small)
  13. More from the same source (www.wehkamp.nl) Some of them are LQ, sorry, but still better than nothing And thanx again Dionyx for finding these gems !
  14. Bloomingdales Hope they're not reposts
  15. Great pics Thanks a lot minus !
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