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  1. Petra turned 30 yesterday. I'm a little bit late, but... :fun: HAPPY BIRTHDAY PETRA ! :fun:
  2. From Delias. Hope it's not a repost. I loooove her belly
  3. Oh, thank you, I forgot this one
  4. I was walking in a shopping center near my place, and check out what I saw : Simone for Urban Planet I starred at the pictures with my mouth opened for like 5 minutes
  5. Wow ! Nice find ! Thanks minus
  6. Thanks minus ! She seems to have a lot of work now ! Good for her (and for us, by the way )
  7. She's wonderful Thanks minus !
  8. Woah ! Gorgeous ! Thanks a lot minus
  9. As I promised, here are some Macy's pics. Enjoy !
  10. You're all welcome ! I wasn't sure about it. Thanks for confirming. Anyway, I'll post a lot of Macy's pics tomorrow... if anyone is interested
  11. Part 2/2 That's all for today ! Hope you enjoyed
  12. Thanx minus ! Here are old Nordstrom pics. I think a lot are reposts but some may be "never seen before" Part 1/2
  13. Thanks minus ! Here are a few "hidden" ones, if you see what I mean
  14. Very sexy Thanks minus ! Where did you find those wonders ? EDIT: Ok, it's from Macy's, but I can't find them on the site. Are you using a script to get them ? I bet you do
  15. Maybe Simone and Diana have a sexy cousin... Who knows ? It would be great
  16. ! Warning ! Hot pictures ahead Credit: http://forum.usemycomputer.com
  17. Wonderful Thanks minus ! Here are a few new ones, plus some alternate versions of previously posted pics. Lovely, as usual. Enjoy
  18. Spring brings to us new pics of Simone every week. And no one will complain about it !
  19. Thank you Rebecca ! It's the first time I see the one with INXS. Soooo cute.
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