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  1. minus and vanessaaa, thank you so much for the new pics !
  2. Anyone knows her name ? She reminds me of Elsa Hosk, but I'm not sure it's her.
  3. Thanks minus ! Here are some new Delias
  4. My 100th post is for Simone New pictures from Macy's
  5. Many thanks minus ! She's cute and sexy, as always
  6. You're welcome. Maybe we'll see her and her sister together soon
  7. A couple of new ones from Delia's. Hope there will be more soon. I'd like her to work for VS
  8. Whoa !!! :drool: Thanks Minus ! She's sooo sexy and sooo cute
  9. Guess who's working for Delia's with her sister ?
  10. Do you think she knows this forum ? Hope she does, because we all love her !
  11. Thanks a lot for your video minus
  12. Thanks a lot for all these new pictures Rebecca
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