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  1. Love Magazine by Patrick Demarchelier
  2. Lol Hollander! I don't know what will happen to Doutzen's career if you're her handler/agent haha! Too perfectionist and very critical hahaha! Dk won't definitely hire you! Just have to air this out! #sorrynotsorry
  3. Doutzen for InStyle Magazine

  4. You people have the best features! This thread is full of senseless comments really. Doutzen is aging so happily and beautifully, accept that! How could you compare her features 7-8 years ago???!!! USE YOUR COMMON SENSE PEOPLE!!!
  5. @emmaparis I think it's the other way around. Leo is already 41?
  6. Oh yes!!! Thank you for this ??✌?
  7. THANK YOU WHYSPER ??? That's how you see it Hollander. But I guess Doutzen is at the point of her life in which she is very contented. She and her management know what they are doing. Don't stress yourself too much dear. ✌
  8. Yes, I always say great, and many other good things about her bec I appreciate her work. She is Doutzen and she already has proven her worth in the industry, and i guess if she always does those boring-plain expressions like what you're saying then she wouldn't stay consistently on Forbes top 10 every year. I mean you really can't do anything by complaining how boring and repetetive her works are, and even her agent Mo bec they've been together for ages and they've achieved a lot over the years. Let's just maintain a positive thread about her.
  9. I just wonder, what could be the most perfect cover and editorial of Doutzen in which people here will get satisfied?! I'm just confused you know, how could you call yourself a 'fan' if you yourself is the one who starts saying negative things about her?! Maybe you should try to do something else.
  10. I agree! People here have high tastes and always dissatisfied with what their idol is doing. Doutzen is very much happy with her life right now and your dissatisfaction doesn't matter at all.
  11. She's walking! Constance posted a photo of them rehearsing!
  12. People here are so perfect to complain and criticize the person they support all these years! If you don't have anything good to say, then shut up!
  13. Earning 7.5M is just incredible. She has all the reason to be calm and relax,and not having to worry about working more hours when she's earning that much.
  14. At Elfstone.. How could you ridiculously say that having Myllena destroyed her career?! Are you out of your mind! This thread is getting sick by the minute.
  15. I totally agree with you RafSecret! And besides we are just fans that support her, and at least the best thing that we could do is RESPECT her decisions and not to complain or be negative about her. As for Hollander, I admire how you've been following her career but you also have to understand that the industry is changing and maybe DK's priorities are different now. I'm just underwhelmed by the negativity that some have for her. She's happy with her status right now, can we just also be happy for her?
  16. It's her choice if she doesn't want to work that often. We shouldn't complain about these things bec that's her life. She's happy being with her family, is that something wrong? And besides, she has already proved herself in the industry. And I think she needs more time for herself now.
  17. It's Sunnery's facial expression and the way he threw her I guess.
  18. She actually reposts those pics from IG fan accounts.
  19. First of all, I'm a fan of Doutzen! I find her stunning and beautiful, and most especially a woman with a good heart. It's just painful to read comments here like Doutzen's not as beautiful as before, she's boring and all. Can't you see nothing but flaws? I mean if she's not as stunning as before she wouldn't have landed big deals with H&M, Loreal and Vogue covers. Common she's a mother of 2, and still have that kind of body?! It's okay to be critical BUT it's better to see good things too. Just saying.
  20. Excuse me, but in this case what is this list? Fingers crossed this means we'll see more of her.And less of Karlie. Let's hope so She just posted on Instagram saying "Bye guys. see you next week." )))
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