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  1. Not bad. I was expecting the worst.
  2. Defenetly my favorite photoshoot with Doutzen for the last 3-4 years. I think Calvin Klein Reveal commercial and promo photoshoot with Charlie Hunnam was the last I REALLY like.
  3. Vogue UA June 2017 vogue ua site
  4. VOGUE UA June 2017 Photo: Chris Colls Style: Julie Pelipas Art direction: Sergei Kovalyov Fashion: Dolce & Gabbana, GREY ANT
  5. Very sad, but thanks @hollander
  6. Lovely in Hunkemöller comemrcial! Perhaps someone knows the music?
  7. @Shepherd thank you! Her dress is simple, but elegant. Her make-up and hair are also simple, but Doutzen looks like a goddess. <3
  8. Doutzen — 0:58
  9. Vanidades México
  10. REPEAT CASHMERE Spring and Summer 2017
  11. Portrait from Cannes Film Festival 2016 by Justin Bishop