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  1. Real Name: Natalie Marie Coyle Ring Name: Eva Marie Billed Height: 5ft 8in Billed Weight: 125lb Born: September 19, 1984 Billed From: Concord, California D├ębut: July 1st, 2013
  2. Just gone back to playing this game due after a few months absent. I have also taken my mage out of retirement, she has been enjoying the peaceful life since Lich King. Now to get her through Cataclysm and panda land.
  3. Real Name: Danielle Moinet Ring Name: Summer Rae Billed Height: 5ft 10in Billed Weight: 115lb Born: November 28, 1983 Billed From: Raleigh, North Carolina Debut: November 2011
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