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  1. I'm sorry . I didn't think that doing it every week will be bad. Therefore, thanks (Y) for let me know that it's not a good thing. Now, I hope you could accept my apologies , and I swear that I'll never post any else "bump" until someone to id my model ! Thanks tzdon and Ramsfan for making me aware of that bad habit .
  2. Thanks Baby.Jude9 ! And, by the way : bump
  3. Thanks allus6ka ! And, by the way --> Bump
  4. Can you help me to ID those 3 stunning Shopbop models ? 1 2 3
  5. Could you help me to id her ? I can't find her name, but she look very pretty and seems to be a very good model too ! Send me some PMs if you want more details. PS: tell me also if I've done something wrong in my post because I'm a new user on Bellazon and I'm very excited to fit in that great community.
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