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  1. Hola NIka! Nice to see another spanish girl here!
  2. Thanks Heaveth,in this vsecret Fashion show Karolina Kurkova was amazing !
  3. yes that´s true, very bad movie....but she´s only acting a few minutes in this movie.
  4. Speak with Worhispper is great!
  5. ugly face?? why?? I think she´s very nice and sexy girl!
  6. Wow! what beautiful and sweet face ! thanks a lot fiammero
  7. Ines Sastre again fall in love with a golf player. The lucky person is not other that the Spanish sportsman Juan Andrés Biscay. Next to him Golden Coast went days ago to the match that Luis of the Elm tree organized. There, Ines, who has been leaving with Juan for four months, was very interested in the explanations of her boy to obtain a good score I hope you can understand.. (made in google) Definitely Worshipper pa you must learn play golf!
  8. I´m glad that this pic is new to you...
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