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  1. appleauto, I agree with you in some ways. She is definitely not doing as much big name work as last year, and to me it is obvious why for several reasons. But she still does very well for herself. I think models have their ups and downs and right now is not her peak. That said, I think the VS casting will be very pivotal for her. I do not think she's a shoo-in for the show even given the fact that she's on the cover of the holiday catalogue.
  2. I don't have the browser numbers for the whole catalog but here are the locations of the FB photos on VS' server: http://dm.victoriassecret.com/product/760x1013/V377702.jpg http://dm.victoriassecret.com/product/760x1013/V377702_CROP1.jpg Thank you PinkCouture!!
  3. ^ thx for uploading. do you know the browser numbers for the catalog? can't seem to find the pics...
  4. this thread is starting to look like the Palvin thread...
  5. Lmfao at her saying 'finally' in the video...and the youtube comments are hysterical. The FB is nice, though I'm not sure the coloring works on her. Love that last picture with the bow wings.
  6. MissLima, I think you're right. Sad that VS hasn't yet (never?) highlighted her the way they should have. She's such a superstar. But she has clearly has greater things ahead of her.
  7. I have a feeling JT will be there. Also either Gaga or Katy Perry. Not sure about Maroon 5 because they don't have any new music out yet. I also think it would be a mess to have them on the show when they made such a big deal just two years ago about Anne V and Adam Levine. I feel like there might be a British performer for the British Invasion section (that would make sense to me, at least...) but I'm not sure who it would be. Someone asked VS on Twitter about the announcement and they said they would announce performers "very very very very VERY soon," so I'm thinking maybe in the next 48 hours. I would imagine fantasy bra by Monday. Everything seems to be moving so slowly with no hints...seems like they've finally gotten their PR people on top of it as far as leaks are concerned. Does anyone know when castings usually begin? Last week of October?
  8. Hmm... I think that seems to be the case too. The beauty + body gets you through the door but the talent makes you stay. That does not only apply to modeling but acting too.
  9. Oh, it's because I've seen a lot of comments on the web like : "another bland blonde blablabla". It's like this adjective only goes for the blondes. I've never read comments who say "another bland brunette" (or another bland black). That's why i'm starting to think that people really don't like blonde girls. But I guess it's because there's a lot of blondes in the fashion industry.
  10. This Excuse me? Get ready for a Martha, Candice, Erin & whatever her name is campaign/event. Martha > Candice though.
  11. I feel like VS has been using a lot of girls in the past few months. Russell posted that pic of Anais Pouliot shooting for VS today as well...how many of them do you think will be in the fashion show? I wonder who will go in the random ass nonsense section they call 'PINK'
  12. I guess it doesn't really say much other than that Barbara hasn't been tossed aside yet...which is good for her career I guess. Personally, I think it would have said more if she had been in the commercial. I'm really curious about these rotating blondes they have...Martha Hunt, Camille Rowe, Elyse Taylor, etc. I wonder if one of them will replace Erin and/or Doutzen soon (I personally think this might be Doutzen's last show). I'm not sure that any of them stand out though.
  13. Thanks Le Gator and Michellexo! Her face is a dream! :dance:
  14. ^^^ SO true. I can't even imagine the amount of money/press they lost not snatching up Kate...instead they have all these blondes that look exactly the same. Also SMH at Sophia saying that when VS had already worked with her.
  15. ^ I agree. I have a sneaking suspicion that they are phasing her out. I would not be surprised if she only gets one outfit this year VS seems so back-and-forth. I wonder if this is all the girls for the commercial! Doutzen and Erin seem to be out... but I wonder if Lindsay will make it to Paris. I am sure we will see her, especially because it looks like Ed is directing.
  16. Hi everyone! This is my first post Anyways, Martha Hunt just posted a picture on her Instagram--she is also shooting the commercial.
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