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  1. Wow WTFFFF this was unexpected. 10 new angels???!!!!! I hope they have big expansion plans because otherwise it seems like a lot to me.


    Surprised not to see Josephine or maybe Shanina, but that's VS for you. It also sounds like maybe they are expecting the established 5 to be gone sooner than later but who knows.

  2. But seriously, where are any of the angels? I haven't been keeping up too closely, but it looks like most of them haven't worked with VS in months. The fact that they only had Elsa and Lais in the last commercial as familiar faces makes me think that more of them will be leaving sooner than we originally thought...

  3. P.S.- 

    Did BP sever  ties with her Hungarian agent Vince Barati....In his Instagram page he always bragged that he was the "Mother agent of" of her....now it only says....vincebarati Photographer booker/scouter Mother agent of Cam Kerekes, Laura Zsar, Olivia Mink, Klaudia Kocsis, Botond Cseke plus his last posting of her was 3 months ago..


    I really hope not ..he is an AMZING photographer and his editorial with BP for InStyle Hungary 2014 is my absolute favorite...





    I actually really hope so, since he didn't seem to be doing much for her in the last couple years. She's had some really good editorials in the past few months and if she has a new agent we might see much more of her.

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