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    Harvey Newton-Haydon.
  1. Hi everyone! I need help! I'm a huge fan of Harvey Newton-Haydon and I ask to myself "who is this girl with him on the l'Oreal videos from 2011"? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3lRazw8IRg On this video Harvey kissed a brown girl, I searched by myself her name on the web but wherever I go, there is nothing about her... Only Harvey and Luke's name. If someone can help me it will be with pleasure and I will be a happy girl! Thank you ! x
  2. Merci beaucoup ! Are you sure to 100% that's Bruna ? She's beautiful !!
  3. Thank you! I know Harvey is perfect, haha!
  4. What's BZ? For the moment, I see her only on tumblr with different tags like "hipster glasses" "brown hair" "girl blue eyes" "fashion" "model" etc... But I never found her name! And "google image" with "Search by image" doesn't help me! Many website use this picture without no names or sometimes, some people from "rpg world" use her face to play but nobody say her name, it's frustrating haha.
  5. Exactly! She has a good style and has a beautiful face! I want her name, my big dream, haha.
  6. Hi everyone! One of my best friend wants to know her name. I don't know if she is a model or what. I hope so! She is "famous" on tumblr, this picture, I mean. Someone on BELLAZON asked this same question some months ago. But nobody found her name. I decided to post this question (again) because it's very important to me to know her name. She is beautiful and me and my friend are very curious to know her for more pictures. I hope someone wil help me! Thank you everyone ! xoxo
  7. Hi everyone! I'm new here so! I know Bellazon since 2 or 3 years thanks to one of my best friend. I'm Cynthia, I'm 20 years old (7th may 1993), I live in France (Bordeaux). I love the british model Harvey Newton-Haydon, he is my favorite. I'm very curious about fashion, models, agency, shooting, photographer and co! And I found my happiness here a lot of times, so, I decided to be here with you for a lot of fun (I hope so!) I'm very sorry for my mistakes in english, I will try to be better! xoxo
  8. Too weird to live, too rare to die.

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