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  1. More Leo at the beach! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-8654111/amp/Leonardo-DiCaprio-goes-beach-bum-chic-hits-beach-girlfriend-Camila-Morrone-Malibu.html
  2. Alice T Thanks for trying to find the pic, but that’s not the one. The ones I’m thinking of have Leo holding what looks like a greeting card. Jade Bahr Love hearing these things about Leo. LiljaK Thanks for the rare pics of Leo. They are always a treat.
  3. I’m in Osage Nation/Pawhuska today taking pics/videos for you all. Here’s a quick snap of the court house where the trials were held. I’ll post more later.
  4. Lilja Thanks for all of those years uncensored pics! Love seeing him enjoy himself. Another pic I hadn’t seen until a few weeks ago. I’ve been looking for a pic of Leo and Kristin right before they broke up. It’s of him and her walking towards a car. She looks as if she has been crying and he’s carrying a greeting card of some kind. Does anyone remember this?
  5. Thanks Barbie Erin, Liljak, Jade Bahr, and Sap675 (hope I didn't forget anyone) for the pics and videos!! I found a couple of pics that I personally do not remember seeing before. They are both from when he was filming the commerical in Paris.
  6. Akatosh Thanks for the pics of Leo's family! Drive in screenings of Shutter Island are going to be held at the abondoned hospital where it was filmed. https://www.boston.com/culture/entertainment/2020/08/14/shutter-island-medfield-state-hospital/amp I have a trip planned sometime in the next couple of weeks to go to Pawhuska/Osage Nation. For those of you who have read the book, is there anything in particular you want pictures/video of? Back in Jan/Feb I had heard that the filmakers had already started building things and recreating the downtown look. Not sure what all was done or how much, before they had to step away.
  7. Lilja Thanks for all of the Malibu pics!! Leo seems to have such a love and patience for children. Sunflower I've seen that pic before, but don't know what the bandage is for. I remember TMZ poking fun at Leo around the time when he had his Revenant look and at that time he had a gnarly rash in that same place as the bandage in this pic. Obviously, not the same time period though. Also, thanks for the uncensored pics. This throw back interview is one of my favorites. I wish he would show this side of himself to us more often.
  8. Oxford Thanks for the up close pics. Looks like he’s talking to someone on the phone. LuckyGirl Thanks for the interview clip! I hadn’t seen that one before. Here are my last two tour clips. The last one shows my great great uncle’s “mansion”. He was an executive for an oil company here in Oklahoma. I don’t know who owns the house right now. I keep watch on it and if it ever goes up for sale, I plan on purchasing it. IMG_8879.MOV
  9. Here is another one of my videos. I skipped part 2, because it just talked about Cherokee Nation’s boarding school. I may post that one later. IMG_8875.MOV
  10. Oxford Thanks for the Sony article and pix of Leo driving around! Sunflower Regarding respect to the Osage, I know that the filmakers met with the tribe to get their permission and stipulations for filming this part of their history. They did not have to do that, so it's huge that they did it. Lilja Love all the fashion updates!
  11. Since we are having to wait so long for this movie, I thought I’d ask if y’all are interested in learning more about the tribes and tribal lands here in Oklahoma while we patiently wait. I live and work in Cherokee Nation which is not far from Osage Nation. When I read this book, my first thought was, “OMG! Nothing has really changed. This is my home town and their good ole boy crap still to this day.” I’ll attach one of my multipart TikTok videos that I did a few months ago and if you are interested I can post more. IMG_8854.MOV
  12. I guess that answers the question regarding whether his hair had been lightened or not.
  13. Love seeing the interview. Thanks! Wish it had subtitles.
  14. Just for fun, here’s one of my pics from watching them film RR.
  15. They had a couple of big casting calls for Native Americans here in Oklahoma back in November. They were set to start filming in March, but obviously, that didn’t happen. Osage Nation is unique in that you have mansions (or what was considered a mansion back then) sitting in the middle of the Tall Grass Prairie and among buffalo herds. The architecture is unique as well. Hard to find anywhere else, but perhaps not completely impossible.
  16. Thanks for the article Oxford. I was wondering if they were going to have to wait until next year. Based on the book, there would be a lot of outdoor shots. The Tall Grass Prairie area of OK looks a lot different in late winter/early spring than it does in other times of year.
  17. It’s been a few years since I posted here, but with Killers of the Flower Moon hopefully starting production not far from where I live, I thought I’d come say hi. I’m Native American, (Cherokee). I live in Tahlequah, OK and work for Cherokee Nation. I have friends who live in Pawhuska, and my sister and I are planning on trying to catch some of the filming. However, with COVID-19 restrictions, not sure we will be able to get very close anymore.
  18. Here's the muscle interview for your viewing pleasure. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFPJTJGYQ6Q
  19. I was thumbing through the new People issue at the doctor's office today and noticed a new picture of Leo and Margot in the Wolf of Wall Street. It was a pic of when she throws water on him and he's trying to sweet talk/kiss her into not being mad. I haven't been successful at finding it online yet. I may just have to go buy the magazine and scan in the pic.
  20. This is old, (from May 2011), but I find it adorable and love to re-read it. http://thecolbychronicles.blogspot.com/2011/05/our-day-with-leo.html
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