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  1. https://www.instagram.com/p/CG0S7VVDYMW/?igshid=hcptdowj8zqd
  2. Thank you Lilja and Jade! He is the ultimate thirst trap. 🤤
  3. Okay. I’ll play. 23 I honestly don’t remember. I remember watching him on Growing Pains, but it wasn’t until Romeo and Juliet that I really sat up and took notice. After watching Romeo and Juliet. I Just thought he was a great actor and quite adorable. His intensity drew me to him I think. Inception, Shutter Island, Departed, Great Gatsby Dom Cobb, Billy Costigan, Jay Gatsby No, but got very close to him. Older Leo I’ve seen 11th hour, Before the Flood, Ice on Fire. His eyes He does what he likes and doesn’t care if it’s considered “cool/in” or not. “Be thankful for the hard times for they have made you.” Lukas, Ethan Margot Robbie Yes No (just wish there were more Leo news right now)
  4. Hadn’t seen this photo before. He has such a sweet face.
  5. Oxford 25 Thanks for the pic of the sculptures. Those are very cool! LiljaK Thanks for the pics and article. I was trying to figure out if the picture hanging on the wall over Leo’s bed was a Hieronymus Bosch, but I can’t really tell. Looks like it could be.
  6. It’s getting close to Halloween time in the US. Need a thriller/horror movie suggestion? watch an Appian Way production. https://screenrant.com/horror-movies-released-leonardo-dicaprio-appian-way/amp/
  7. LiljaK Thanks for the pics! Jade Bahr Thanks for the article and J. Edgar pics!
  8. Cute sighting and some pics I haven’t seen. https://instagram.com/stories/leodicaprio3442/2403229821029955223?utm_source=ig_story_item_share&igshid=ece9d8bzvmq
  9. While all of this audio interview is interesting, it's really the very end that amused me when Leo didn't seem to realize he was still being recorded. Starting at about the 15:00 mark. https://youtu.be/jaR0nJU_KOo
  10. LiljaK Thank you for the fashion pics as well as the videos. Jade Bahr Cool comparison video of Leo and Howard. Oxford25 That's a nice article with Harold. Thank you for sharing it. Thanks for the Muhammad Ali pic! Also thanks for the young leo video. I've always enjoyed his interviews pre-Titanic. He was less guarded then. Thanks for the Celebrity video. I agree with Akatosh. The only interesting scenes in Celebrith are Leo's. I've think I've seen all of Leo's movies including The Foot Shooting Party. Total Eclipse is worth a watch if you are a Leo fan.
  11. The bison in the video above roam freely in the Tallgrass Prairie Nature Preserve just outside of Pawhuska. Thanks to preservation areas like this one, the American bison is no longer on the endangered species list. Hopefully, Leo will visit them while he’s here.
  12. Lilja It’s been a long time since I’ve seen those pics! LOL! Love his playful side. Thanks. I have so much from my road trip that I thought posting in spurts would be less overwhelming than posting it all at once. Now, I’m not so sure. LOL. I’m getting closer to the end of it. I promise. IMG_8979.MOV
  13. Lilja K Thank you for posting more Malibu pics! Barbie Erin Love those pics! Wow! His eyes! Jade Bahr Beautiful R&J art! Here is another video and pic. Those who have read the book know the significance of The Million Dollar Elm. IMG_8941.MOV
  14. 😊 Here are a couple more videos. IMG_8935.MOV IMG_8946.MOV
  15. Jade Bahr Thank you so much for the pics and article! I love that Leo attended virtually.
  16. Oxford I enjoyed going and taking pictures. Right now, I work half of the time from home and half of the time on site at a medical facitlity. Taking a road trip was a great way (and a relief) to get out of the house. Also, not many people have a lot of knowledge of what Native Americans are like now, and I like to help bridge that understanding. Most people only have a Hollywood understanding and usually movies featuring Native Americans are historical and not modern. I enjoy sharing this information. Yes, there were a lot of people walking around Pawhuska going about their usual Friday lives. Most places there appeared to be open. Everyone is exciited about the filming and disappointed that it has had to be postponed. Here's a link to an old article that was put out regarding one of the casting calls that were held in Tulsa. I thought about going to the casting call, but there were personal things going on in my life at the time that didn't really allow for it, plus my profession (clinical psychologist) is one where anonymity is much desired, especially in a small community and even being just an extra in a movie draws attention around here. https://tulsaworld.com/entertainment/casting-call-for-scorsese-dicaprio-movie-killers-of-the-flower-moon-set-for-tulsa-okc/article_1cada27c-f33f-5947-9f6c-50619e381280.html
  17. Here are some pictures I took around the Osage Nation Tribal Complex. The complex is just right next door to the courthouse. As you can see, the signs are written in the Osage language.
  18. Thanks Lilja K for the restaurant pic. I already posted a picture of the Osage County Courthouse, so here’s the video that goes with it. IMG_8933.MOV
  19. I have so much from my road trip to Osage Nation yesterday. I really don’t even know where to start or how to present it all. I definitely don’t want to spoil anything for those who haven’t read the book or know the history. Therefore, in all of the videos, I keep the commentary very general. I guess I’ll just start with showing you what the landscape in this area looks like. IMG_8984.MOV
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