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  1. yeah, i was looking through the girls threads and didnt see yours, i thought you had 1 but oh well i came back to see whats up, i've been gone for a long time, hope you've been good

  2. lmao, i hadnt even thought of that, but it makes perfect sense now that u mention it!

  3. yoooo


  4. OMG wasnt that great!!! i was soooo happy, especially after the second set lmao!

  5. yes!!!!!!!! nadal is out....thank god!

  6. i am good how r u? andy roddick will get destroyed tonight!!!!!!!

  7. yeah, thats cool about our bdays! except its like 5 years apart. ha

  8. yes! lets hope nadal twists his ankle...okay maybe not that far, lets just hope he loses

  9. hey, when was this added????

    your b day is august 21, cool mines august 29

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