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  1. Wonderful. Is this from the Treats shoot? I have never seen this before.
  2. This is not from Normal magazine is it?! I believe it’s from the latest Numero? Is it in Normal, too?
  3. thank you! There is one from Italy on ebay that I can see and it has both in one package, so maybe it’s only for certain markets?
  4. I wonder if you get both L’uomo and Vogue italia in the same package? hopefully if you buy Anja’s vogue cover you get her L’uomo cover. can anyone confirm?
  5. The mag has 3 editorials of Anja from what I understand. Haven't managed to find it in London yet. I know it is in stores in Germany already.
  6. Thanks - is this confirmed as the whole editorial;?
  7. It turns out that this was actually for the new issue of 032c - I cant wait to see the full editorial!https://www.artlistparis.com/hair/pawel-solis/editorial-women/032c-magazine-pierre-ange-carlotti-anja-rubik
  8. Wonderful! Thanks so much for doing this!
  9. Very nice pics. Would have liked more nudity but this is good
  10. Any idea if these were ever published anywhere? I haven't seen them before to be honest!
  11. Thanks! Is this printed in W Magazine?
  12. Thanks! Do we know whether this is published in the latest W mag?
  13. Aliya in a very NSFW music video - WARNING strong nudityhttp://www.portraitsofgirls.com/tiger-love-space-in-space/
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