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  1. liverpoolfcrgr8

    Fernanda Tavares

    Great news for Fernanda and Murilo. Hope the new family are happy and healthy!
  2. liverpoolfcrgr8

    Fernanda Tavares

    does anyone know if the new SI has been released in the UK yet? thanks
  3. liverpoolfcrgr8

    Fernanda Tavares

    I agree whole heartedly. Well done! I think she looks even better in the backstage pics. Fernanda is that most rare phenomenon. An exceedingly beautiful woman on the outside, but even more so as a person. A truly special human being!
  4. liverpoolfcrgr8

    Fernanda Tavares

    Fernanda is vastly superior to Jennifer Lopez both in terms of beauty and as a person. Put simply she is the most beautiful woman on the face of the earth. Plus, she is totally anti-fur! You've got to love that.