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  1. I have met Toni. I was very impressed. She is a very special girl. [Edited] - Ok, we get the point. You don't think they will last. We understood it the first 2 times you made this point. There is no need to bait and troll.
  2. Only constructive criticism, nothing nebulous or pedantic
  3. Toni is so beautiful and special. But she does other things that distracts from her beauty and uniqueness and quite frankly makes her look foolish.
  4. Toni has involved herself in controversy. Brands want to hire model,. not involve themselves in controversy, unless that is the product they are selling. Keeping yourself in high fashion is a good idea. But to go from the elegance of French high fashion to a trashy motel is not consistent. Victoria's Secret is thought to be a good move for a model. But doesn't Victoria's Secret Pink just mean Victoria's Secret Bimbo. Maybe that is a reason why Victoria's Secret. doesn't mind having their models along with their brand dragged through the gutter..
  5. The place to be according to my car mirror. Sarcasm.
  6. I really do like Toni. Extremely proud of her. I truly believe she is the most beautiful German girl in the world. She has always looked older than her age.. But now she is looking even older the last few months. And I do not think this is going to help her. I am only saying this because I do not want to see her get hurt. Too precious a girl to get herself hurt. But I think people underestimate her. I only pray that she truly understands what she is doing and all the ramifications and possible consequences. I sometimes think she is engaged in a lot more serious business than her own limited perspective fully understands. This is serious business with ruthless people people she has involved herself with. They will cut you loose in a split second. Non disclosure agreement or not you can still play dead or just walk. Stay precious, beautiful.
  7. nyf is the troll (read "loser") from Leo's thread. Not so. But you seem to want to antagonize me. Are you Leo DICaprio 's public relations. I am full German and other girls I asked including a colorist say she has a few white hairs showing. Wonder why with people like you harassing me and probably everyone else who says anything that you do not want to hear.
  8. Toni is showing white hairs
  9. Nothing going on. Only new girls every night. Am I right?
  10. Have you seen the pic of her with her mother on her twitter? That picture was taken just a few days ago and her hairs not wet and it is not the same hair color as in the pic of the girl with Leo and Lukas.
  11. Thanks for proving my point. The cost of fur is low because the demand is low. Increase demand and bingo, the quantity and price increase. Sorry to be so asinine.
  12. This using fur in Interview is an obvious attack on PETA ads, I would rather go naked than wear fur. The high fashion business has decided that they are dealing with such a limited market of women that can buy their clothes that they need to sell fur coats in order to make more money. This does not make it any less acceptable.
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