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  1. q: do you like yourself 100%? david: it's an hard question, i'm not ready to give an answer to that. no, frankly i don't like myself, i'm really judgmental with myself bianca: the other day on a tv show they asked me if men looking at me is a bothering thing, well they look at me mostly when i'm dressed like this, when i'm at parties, but really i think i'm "simple" in my style so i don't attract those type of gazes by men working as a sex symbol david: i'm a little embarassed, of course it's a privilege to be considered a sex symbol, but for sure i don't feel like that. i think that who considers him/herself a sex symbol risks to go out of his/her mind. if you start believing to what people say about you, you're lost bianca: he (david) is really beautiful, it's incredible when you look at him you think "oh god, are you real?", you feel like touching him to see if he is and you ask yourself "how is it possible that you're born so beautiful". but i can say for my experience that i really appreciated him, he's really a good man, there aren't a lot of male models who are gentlemen like him, not only in the modelling world but in general david: i'm a perfectionist at everything i do. i always want to be the best, otherwise i probably wouldn't do it bianca: sometimes i realize that i became a pain in the neck, so i try to take my work lightly, take it for what it is, but rightly i became more and more exigent the importance of the body david: i've never been slender, in fact i'm rather robust, having a nice body doesn't mean anything, of course it gives you more chances as a model cause you can wear anything, even underwear, but my body in the end is just a marketing question bianca: what helps me all things considered is exactly this fact, meaning yes maybe i'm attractive to men, but women don't perceive me as a danger. probably men like the vulgar woman more, so yes in the end i've got a cute face, all things considered i'm more attractive to women rather than men the woman i want david: i work with the most beautiful women on the earth, i'm lucky, but a woman who doesn't make me laugh is not attractive at all when i'll grow up bianca: i see that while growing up i'm more and more in peace with myself, i know more what i want, so i'm looking forward to be in my place cause i didn't reach it yet. so if growing up means being in peace with myself at 100% i'm looking forward to it
  2. Probably you're right, it's just that in the Pull&Bear photos she has an angelic and teenage vibe that I can't see in all the other photos (if she's her). Well, the power of photography. Thank you
  3. Hello everyone. I really like this model from Pull&Bear but I can't find her anywhere. I read in other threads that Pull&Bear models are often from spanish agencies, so I looked literally every website of spanish modelling agencies but I just can't find her. I fould a girl that really looks like her, but in my opinion it's not her. The girl I'm looking for: The girl who may be her Ana Neborac Please help me. Thank you
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