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  1. Sundari

    Kate Moss

    Hello everyone im looking a bigger size of this pic. anyone know where can i found it? It was posted a looong time ago by Sanga but it seems that the size has changed. i have to post the link because i cant post the pic .... please help me guys!! .http://sundarithemis.tumblr.com/post/55220933587/anyone-have-this-pic-in-bigger-size-im-looking
  2. Sundari

    Kate Moss

    I have this picture that is from a campaign she made here in Argentina for Paula Cahen D'Anvers. spring/summer 1999-2000 Sorry for the quality but she is beautiful in this pic! I have 3 pics more the next time i put them
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  4. Sundari


    Hello Sorry if reposts!
  5. Sundari

    Kate Moss

    Thanks Alisa for this beautiful pics!! reposts?
  6. Sundari

    Kate Moss

    Hi!! im new in this!. Kate looks beautiful here