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  1. Until now Ale is winning with 32 votes and 23 votes for Ana Beatriz. If somebody this cheating I don't know. How can I be sure that all are the same people? How can I be sure that is not you who created that mess? Some times I think that you are trying to damage Ana in this pool... That is sad
  2. Totally!! Lindissima!! PLEASE!!! show us that "fanclub"! And I really don't think that Ana's father would come here to vote. Favor não desconsiderar o meu voto - Reinato Barros pai da Ana Beatriz - [email protected] Porque um pai não pode votar? Em anexo foto da Ana Beatriz aos 4 anos de idade. Ana_Beatriz_aos_4_anos.doc Ana_Beatriz_aos_4_anos.doc