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  1. Jessica Stam

    I like her best with the ash brown hair. Never seen her with that color?
  2. Blonde model with great haircut

  3. Jessica Stam

    Oh man, what a weird fall. Poor Stam. First time in this thread, but she is so gorgeous. I love her as a redhead the most, and think she'd be gorgeous as a brunette.
  4. The "Get To Know Me A Little" - Thread

    Name: Cait Age: 17 Country: USA! USA! USA! Gender: Female Hobbies: Reading, Internet, procrastinating... Favorite saying: The only ones who find success in bringing others down are elevator operators. Loves: food lol, books, the NHL, guys Dislikes: school Typical moods: carefree, happy, tired, annoyed
  5. Hi!

    Thanks! Stammy, Gemma [sometimes], Doutzen Kroes, Adriana, Natasha Poly, Miranda Kerr, Julia Stegner, and Tyra though she may be retired.
  6. Blonde model with great haircut

    Ahh I hope I did that right !! At first I thought it may be Heather Marks, but now I don't believe it is. Help!
  7. Hi!

    Hi I'm new Been browsing for a few days .. decided to join so I can put off doing my chemistry homework for a little while longer!! LOL