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  1. Hey Diabolo how are you? Send me a pm! Greets!


  2. Hi Ali! How are you doing? I hope fine. I got a lot of free time now, send me a pm! SO

  3. I'll send you a pm soon, Cyp

  4. I haven't been around lately, but I thought I visit Bellazon to congrat you with your birthday, it's also my birthday so double party :D

    XXX SO

  5. This summer I'll go to Arizona to learn to fly :)


  6. Thanks, I'm a bit late though I hope you had a nice one :)


  7. Last post I've seen from you was a while ago... Post some more!


  8. I'm going to Arizona to learn to fly :) & yeah it's going to be very hot :D

  9. Lol I myself don't watch a lot of series though :) This summer I'm going to Arizona!

  10. Yow Cypress, I got a busy time comin' up; a lot of partying & studying, but I'll get through okay ;) And you? Got some parties up ahead? SO

  11. Wow is that really you in your personal photo? You look great! :)


  12. Just pronounce it in english ;)

    With an english 'G'


  13. My name is Gilliam... Not really a dutch name I guess :) Anyway, what's your name?

  14. Hmm :) I came to Bellazon to discuss and share photo's of Adriana, I actually don't know much about the modelling world, but I find the Brazilian models the best...


  15. No I said that wrong... I love her :)

    Greets SO

  16. Yup a lot of guys like Adriana, but I think most guys like her just because of her looks and I can't disagree with that, but her personality strikes me much more than her looks... That's why I like her :)

  17. Hehe :) Yeah sure hope Adriana is doing just fine :) Man I like her... but I'm not the only guy I guess... ;)

  18. I had a good day today... It's actually late now at my country, just came back from a cafe :) And you got a great avatar! Looks like mine ;)

  19. Hey how are you doing? I'm just fine :)

  20. Hey don't know how Adriana is, sure hope she's fine... Darn I really hope to meet her one time lol. Anyway, I'm fine you too?

  21. hey ange, I'm sure doing fine :) How are things over there in Canada?

  22. Heyy ennaid yeah I'm doin' just fine, make sure you keep hanging around here! SO

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