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  1. Thanks to the surgery. With money, everyone can have a beautiful body but it's not the question... Hotter doesn't mean vulgar, for me, anyway 😀
  2. Sofia. I don't like Kim's body, besides, she's too vulgar for me ☺️
  3. Thank you so much for all these pictures ❤️
  4. I hope it's not real fur 🙈 Anyway, Cindy is gorgeous 😍A big thank you @dairial.
  5. Thank you @lostdiademfor your investment. It was so cool ✌️
  6. 4. Charlie Austin 3. Clara Alonso 2. Hailey Outland 1. Yulia Rose
  7. Hailey Outland Charlie Austin Yulia Rose Clara Alonso
  8. She's sooooo beautiful. Thank you ❤️
  9. I don't remember if they are already posted, but anyway, they are cute 😀😍
  10. Oh no 😭 Two votes and Cindy would have won!
  11. Thank you very much 😙 It's really practical and easy! And thanks dairial One more pic :
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