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    Vlada Roslyakova

    I literally laughed out loud just a bit when i read that. If she looks naturally thin to you... You have twised mind.. Natural? How many girls do you know who naturally look like this: gosh just look at this pic, her arms It's really, really sad. I'm new here and I've been checking out some of the other threads and this woman is by far the thinnest I've seen. It's hard to believe anyone can say she's naturally thin. My neice is suffering from an eating disorder - I know the physical signs. I'm not attacking anyone, but I'm scared for Vlada. The worst part is in the fashion world she's probably told she looks great and should keep looking like that. That pic is photoshopped, here are the original pic(s) <_< http://www.freewebs.com/sugarfreegum No, this one is the original. If you go to page 3 and look at the fake photo, you'll see they've also removed her dark circles. Now off to non-weight discussions.