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  1. {name}

    The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    Thanks a lot, aacrazysurf11! Things are now clear to me
  2. {name}

    The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    Hello, guys. Yesterday I watched VS'09 fashion show and I have some questions. They might ot seem lame, but I'm not into fashion things as much as most of you, but just a little... So please don't get angry 1. Why didn't Karolina Kurkova was on that fashion show? Isn't she an angel anymore? Or something else? 2. I assume that Adriana Lima wasn't there as well because of her pregnancy. Am I correct? 3. Why does Ana Barros get so less of attention on every show? I thought she was kind of a very top model (and i think she'd deserve it), while in the most of times they don't even call her name. Isn't she an angel but just some kind of a guest model? 4. I've read that Gisele has a baby now, - this is awesome. Do you think she'll ever get back to VS? I know she left after 2007. Thanks in advance.
  3. {name}

    Model or Not?

  4. {name}

    Model or Not?

    Hello, dear guys. I have a friend, who lives in UK and I think that he has some model looks. So I'm convincing him to try modeling. But he doesn't believe that he has a model look or something and is completely out of hope. Could you please tell your opinion about that... Do he has a chance? I personally think that he has to fix his body shape and maybe hair. Waiting for your verdict. Age: 18 Heigh: 6"2 Thanks in advance. PS: the photos below are not the best ones, but that's all he has.
  5. {name}


    Kristel Kama
  6. {name}

    Kim Kardashian

    Sorry, but she looks and acts like a slut. Although she is pretty, which I'm sure is somewhat fake.
  7. {name}

    which is the best model of victoria's secret

    Ana and Gisele deserve to be on the list.
  8. {name}

    General Babes Motion

    Well, I'm glad nobody's offended
  9. {name}

    General Babes Motion

    To be honest I don't have anything against Jessica Stamm, though I still can't say I like her. But who really unfit to VS - is Angela Lindvall. She has no body, she has just bones. Forms of a square. I don't want to offend her fans, but she looks awful (especially on the second part, when Adriana was opening). She would look much better if she would just get a bit more of extra weight or maybe work out. I think that Gisele has a very nice body, she's not that skinny, and her legs are so long and great. Adriana's body is okay, she's just got a lil lack of waist, imo. And I don't like the behaviour of hers, she acts like a poser in most of times, she tries to get all the attantion and she seems 12, not 25 sometimes. Though she is gorgeous. I think that Ana B.B. has kind of perfect body - she is not THAT skinny and she's got waist; and her forms are in such a harmony, legs are long and straight, kind of a perfect body to me. Oh and girls were wondering about big breasts size of models on the show. Don't you know what bra "push-up" is? =) It probably can make some big boobs for everyone, even males.....
  10. {name}

    Edward Norton

    Oh my... Edward is my favorite actor. I dont find him handsome or something, but he's got that charisma... Thank you for the pics, girls.