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  1. Neurotica

    The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    Thanks a lot, aacrazysurf11! Things are now clear to me
  2. Neurotica

    The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    Hello, guys. Yesterday I watched VS'09 fashion show and I have some questions. They might ot seem lame, but I'm not into fashion things as much as most of you, but just a little... So please don't get angry 1. Why didn't Karolina Kurkova was on that fashion show? Isn't she an angel anymore? Or something else? 2. I assume that Adriana Lima wasn't there as well because of her pregnancy. Am I correct? 3. Why does Ana Barros get so less of attention on every show? I thought she was kind of a very top model (and i think she'd deserve it), while in the most of times they don't even call her name. Isn't she an angel but just some kind of a guest model? 4. I've read that Gisele has a baby now, - this is awesome. Do you think she'll ever get back to VS? I know she left after 2007. Thanks in advance.
  3. Neurotica

    Model or Not?

  4. Neurotica

    Model or Not?

    Hello, dear guys. I have a friend, who lives in UK and I think that he has some model looks. So I'm convincing him to try modeling. But he doesn't believe that he has a model look or something and is completely out of hope. Could you please tell your opinion about that... Do he has a chance? I personally think that he has to fix his body shape and maybe hair. Waiting for your verdict. Age: 18 Heigh: 6"2 Thanks in advance. PS: the photos below are not the best ones, but that's all he has.
  5. Neurotica


    Kristel Kama
  6. Neurotica

    Kim Kardashian

    Sorry, but she looks and acts like a slut. Although she is pretty, which I'm sure is somewhat fake.
  7. Neurotica

    which is the best model of victoria's secret

    Ana and Gisele deserve to be on the list.
  8. Neurotica

    General Babes Motion

    Well, I'm glad nobody's offended
  9. Neurotica

    General Babes Motion

    To be honest I don't have anything against Jessica Stamm, though I still can't say I like her. But who really unfit to VS - is Angela Lindvall. She has no body, she has just bones. Forms of a square. I don't want to offend her fans, but she looks awful (especially on the second part, when Adriana was opening). She would look much better if she would just get a bit more of extra weight or maybe work out. I think that Gisele has a very nice body, she's not that skinny, and her legs are so long and great. Adriana's body is okay, she's just got a lil lack of waist, imo. And I don't like the behaviour of hers, she acts like a poser in most of times, she tries to get all the attantion and she seems 12, not 25 sometimes. Though she is gorgeous. I think that Ana B.B. has kind of perfect body - she is not THAT skinny and she's got waist; and her forms are in such a harmony, legs are long and straight, kind of a perfect body to me. Oh and girls were wondering about big breasts size of models on the show. Don't you know what bra "push-up" is? =) It probably can make some big boobs for everyone, even males.....
  10. Neurotica

    Edward Norton

    Oh my... Edward is my favorite actor. I dont find him handsome or something, but he's got that charisma... Thank you for the pics, girls.