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    Ronaldo Lima

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    Ronaldo Lima

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    Tiger Woods

    hey!!! dude, vai logo pra sternchat..
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    Ronaldo Lima

    Where's Rip?? Rip, please come back to Sternchat.com You weren't banned! We love you I_Love_Raica_and_Ronaldo, please tell Rip to him come back to Sternchat ok thanks bye
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    Ronaldo Lima

    Thank you!!! I Love you!
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    Ronaldo Lima

    BTW, go to Sternchat.com ok thanks
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    Ronaldo Lima

    hey I_Love_Raica_and_Ronaldo who is Raica? and why do you love her?
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    Ronaldo Lima

    sup sexy?
  9. {name}

    Ronaldo Lima