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  1. Kate Moss

  2. Kim Kardashian

    does anyone have any pictures of Miss K when she was shopping in Sydney, Australia with Paris Hilton and wearing a Grecian-looking silver dress? Thanks!
  3. Kate Moss

    awesome find lisa-1! i always wanted to see kate walk that bella freud one thank you!
  4. Kim Kardashian

    i feel disheartened by this loss!
  5. The best fragance campaign. Vote!

    Kate looked hot....Carmen looked like a lollipop... so...go Kate!
  6. Kate Moss

    i know people in general and the media go on and on about how women like Kate Moss and the 'waif' models are a terrible influence on teenage girls - causing them to feel that they need to be thin to be beautiful, giving them eating disorders and all that hoohaa. But i got into Kate Moss when i was about 15 i think...and at the time i was feeling really insecure about how i was 'flat chested' (which i now, as an adult, think is so depressingly ludicrous to worry about) and at the time all i felt like i was seeing were people like Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears and all those actresses with tiny little body's and great boobs! and it made me feel so inadequate...i remember actually thinking that when i got older i'd get surgery because i was so miserable about it! And i remember when i started collecting all these Kate Moss pictures....over time...i just stopped thinking about my boobs and how unhappy i was with them..nd it wasn't until literally years later that i realised that i had gotten over the 'i need breast surgery' phase and i was now completely happy with myself. and i realised that it was because of Kate Moss. I had become so used to seeing her, and thinking how beautiful she was (and i did get into the high fashion scene as a result of the Kate Moss interest) with her relatively miniscule - though decidedly poised - breasts, that i realised that breasts don't matter, you don't need them to be sexy or appealing or beautiful, because Kate was certainly all these things and she didn't have an Angelina Jolie rack! Kate, to me, is the perfect 'body role model' - she has a lazy eye, bow legs, crooked teeth, a bony thin little frame and rather thin, dirty brown hair in reality.....and yet she's so visually appealing in every photo i see of her. She is the definition of imperfectly perfect to me. And i feel that this is how a lot of women look at themselves Eg. "oh i have huge thighs...but at least i have great arse!" - you accept that you have imperfections, but that doesn't mean you aren't beautiful or attractive as a whole. And i feel like Kate Moss, despite being lauded as the reason teenage girls get into eating disorders, was actually an incredibly important influence on my life, my self esteem and my happiness in general. I'm sorry for the long winded speech here but i've always wanted to tell someone about this and a forum like this felt like a good place to do it! And i was wondering if anyone felt the same? That perhaps Kate as a 'body role model' if you will, was actually a positive influence in ways? Anyway, Thank you for reading if you made it this far!
  7. Kate Moss

    thanks for the pics everyone! ohsoglam...i love your siggie!
  8. Kate Moss

    i loooove this pic! i love all of her missoni ads...they just seem to ooze bohemian elegance. thank you srepac!
  9. Kate Moss

    great pics alisa! thanks so much. i love those older ones, there are so many i haven't seen before!
  10. models reading

    this topic was a great idea, i think people underestimate models too often...and i think maybe we underestimate the hours of their life they spend sitting around before a show or doing fittings....i'd imagine they go through quite a lot of books during fashion week!
  11. Kate Moss

    phew! there we go. thats 86 pics from the 90's! god i love the 90s
  12. Kate Moss

  13. Kate Moss

  14. Kate Moss

  15. Kate Moss

    I think it's time for a blast from the past....