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  1. I haven't posted anything in almost a year here, but I couldn't miss Adriana's last VS show.
    She looked incredible and her outfits were beautiful too.:wub6yh2cm: I cried when I saw the video of her walk (I was at work, but luckily alone in the office at the time :wink:).
    Love the video that VS made for her, and I can't wait to see the whole video when the show airs. She really is the Greatest Angel of all time! :56608ac1cc5a3_smilynewone:

  2. This news is now everywhere...even Vogue... I really hope this time she or her agency clear up what she meant. 
    If she is truly ending her career as a lingerie model this just a stupid way to do it. I am truly disappointed that she can be so easily influenced... 

  3. I thought by today she would of cleared up her statement. I'm sure she read what people are writing... I hope she does it soon. 

    What was written in that Instagram pic was not so bad. It kind of sounds like something Adriana would post, but what she wrote under the picture is so confusing... 

  4. I just read her post on Instagram  and WTF...!? I'm confused, kind of annoyed and a bit disappointed. She was fine with taking her clothes off just a week ago while she was promoting VS.
    I think it's probably the influence of the spiritual guru...:angry:

  5. She looked great at the event. :heart: I like her hair like this, it's a nice change, but I love her with black hair.
    Also I have to add that she and Harvey Specter look great together. ;) :D

    Glad to see that she is going to NY, I hope she shoots a campaign, Vogue cover... This year has been a little slow in that regard. I mean not even a Vogue Brazil cover...

  6. 1 hour ago, Souled-Out said:

    Do you all think Adriana will get another balmain campaign??

    I think she could if she actually got her ass to Paris and walk some of his shows... Ale is there for every one, even the men's shows. Olivier loves Adri, she was suppose to open the Balmain section...but she has to put a little bit of effort in. 

    P.S. That black outfit of hers is everywhere and people are LOVING it! She really is the Queen of VS. :heart: 
    Can't wait to see the show. I hope she looks just as perfect in motion!

  7. She looked stunning! :wub6yh2cm:  Love the hair and makeup. :heart: And she looked so happy backstage. I just wish she actually posted something on her social media...
    The Punk outfit is amazing in my opinion! It really looked great in contrast with her skin, and it was original. Something that stands out.
    Nomadic outfit is OK. She made it work, but the whole show felt repetitive. Like almost all the outfits I have seen already...and too many accessories. 

    I hope by next year Sophia is gone and they hire a new stylist...

  8. I was so disappointed this morning when I checked Instagram and saw that she didn't post anything and she was nowhere to be found on candids/videos. Literally all other models posted something... I guess last year was a fluke.
    And she usually gains a lot of Instagram followers around this time, but now its the same as any other day.

  9. These pics from the hotel by Tim and that one with Martha are some of her worst. :hmm:
    Person who did her makeup hates her...
    She looks good at the Photo op, I guess the lightning is better...

  10. She looks stunning in ET video! :heart: I wish that was the makeup for this year's show.
    I don't like this outfit. It too similar to her last years outfit. And the wings... everything feels like we've already seen it. 
    I really hope Sophia is gone next year. She has zero creativity and constantly recycles outfits. And before her all Angels had three looks and now it's just two... 

  11. 6 hours ago, emerald7 said:

    Which segment do you think she will walk or even open? And which one is with balmain?


    Nomadic Adventure
    -Porcelain Angel .
    -A Winter's Tale .
    -Millenial Nation

    -Punk Angels 


    I hope she walks the goddesess segment.

     Me too. Also I would love to see her open the Balmain segment (if she is not opening the show).

  12. 3 minutes ago, Souled-Out said:

    Exactly, last year was the only year she ever tried to actually post good stuff for the show. Literally all the other years, she posted nothing. Everybody else would share things and Adriana would post nothing. Or she'd post a bottle of water or something from there.  I'm afraid last year was just an exception. I hope its not

    That is one of the reasons why I loved last year's show. It looked like she really enjoyed and she shared so much.
    It would be great to see that this year too. And great hair and makeup of course!

  13. 16 minutes ago, Souled-Out said:


    I agree. She already said she sucked at social media, atleast she is actually posting some kind of work. I think most people on there, don't realize the photos were from months ago anyway. I think (and hope) she is just posting more,just  to post more because she hasn't really done it and thats been slowing up her follower count and stuff. Her feed had been very slow. She was probably told to amp it a little and doesn't feel like taking so many selfies, that probably won't turn out that well anyway.


    I don't mind. They are beautiful photos. You're lucky you'd get ANYTHING from her on there

    That ed is one my favorites.
    She is active on Instagram stories, and I hope she continues to be active during VSFS. Since all the girls are traveling alone I hope she only brings her family with her and not Metin, because if he is there we won't get any pics... ;) 

  14. 6 hours ago, Corner said:

    Why is she so social media awkward?? She should have posted these when they were new for so many reasons. That’s social media 101

    We shouldn't complain too much because at least she is posting... ;) She didn't post much except about American Beauty Star for some time.
    But I agree. These should of been posted months ago. And if she wants to post throwback's, one pic is enough...there must be more amazing photos she never posted to share. Also tag people involved in the shoot...I'm sure they would appreciate it. 

    She looks great with no makeup  in those candid leaving the gym. :smile: 

  15. I think before you could actually tell by first model on the board was the model opening the show, but that changed in recent years...
    That being said, I would love Adriana to open. And to be in the Balmain segment... :D

  16. She looked amazing for the past couple of days. :heart:
    Her makeup wasn't great on pictures, but she looked stunning in videos. I liked most of her outfits too. :wub6yh2cm:
    I hope the show is a success! :smile: :heart:

    Thanks everyone for the pics and videos!

  17. ^ I hope that is true. They look great together. :D

    I read this yesterday in the VSFS thread: "Guys, I heard Ale and Adri are both going to China (Adriana said it in an interview she gave to a Brazilian website on IG Stories). So I guess they'll be doing some promo for the show, right? " (I have no idea how to quote from a different thread)

    Does anybody know anything about this? I know Ale is in China right now doing something for VS.

  18. 1 hour ago, Souled-Out said:

    Why hasn't she posted anything from this week? Its been one of her best NY fashion weeks and she hasn't posted nor thanked the designers. They gave her big roles at their show and she gained massive attention from it. Where is her team?? Because the one thing she did post about nyfw came from herself. Its her team who supposed to post her work and projects

    She looked incredible opening Philipp Plein and closing Rihanna's show... LOVED her walk on both shows.:wub6yh2cm::heart: I wish she posted some pics from events too. Her outfits/makeup has been amazing at all of them.
    I think that is the reason it looks like she has been ignored at events (I know somebody wrote that earlier). She doesn't post anything, or she doesn't tag people so they don't do it too often either...

  19. 16 minutes ago, Souled-Out said:

    I don't know, she hasn't been posting at all on her IG. I feel like she is going to go the entire nyfw without posting

    I hope not... She is already losing followers...

    She looked stunning last night. :wub6yh2cm: That makeup was amazing. :heart: 
    Thanks everybody for the pics. :smile:

  20. 18 minutes ago, emerald7 said:

    I think the same, shes in NY, maybe with her whole family.

    Tomorrow is the Brazilian night foundation in New York and she was confirmed to attend it.

    Great. :smile:
    I hope she goes to the Bazaar Icons party on Friday too.

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