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  1. No problemo..I know some were curious. Thank you , Happy New Year Fash Thanks Kat Happy New Year xx
  2. Happy New Year have a fun night xx

    1. French angel

      French angel

      Thank you so much Happy new year CrazyLady :D It was a perfect night :) xx

    2. French angel

      French angel

      Thank you so much Happy new year CrazyLady :D It was a perfect night :) xx

  3. Happy New Year have a great night xx

    1. SicK As mY SecReTs

      SicK As mY SecReTs

      Happy New Year to youuuu!!!!!

  4. HAPPY HAPPY New Year, have lots of booze, fun and party poppers! ;-) xxxxxxx

    1. FashionDream


      Happy New Years sweetums!!! xoxox Hope the New Year is good to you my dear.

      Just having a little get together at my house, nothing crazy this year haha... but it's fun :p

    2. Crazylady


      Thank you, Have a great night with lots of mojitos and craziness xxx

  5. Thanks Sick and Happy New Year to you too xx Happy New Year everyone, have fun , Thanks for all the news and pics they are yummy :wub2:
  6. Thanks for all the new info and pics Thank you for all the Christmas best wishes :wub2: And it is officially Christmas Day here so... Another big Merry Christmas to you all I hope you have a fabulous day xxx
  7. OMG I love love love that unscripted interview, they both have a great sense of humour. I could definately imagine Jonah and Leo it would be hilarious x
  8. January for me too can't wait though Pami, so sorry to hear your sad news, thinking of you and your family xx A big hi and welcome to all new members x Thank you everybody for all the news, pics, articles, vids and tweets. Really appreiciated x I love that interview Leo's voice is so soft and lush and he looks fab I really like Jamie he is so funny and that Django interview was so much fun, they should do all interviews like that Sorry I haven't been here that much lately been really busy with work and essays Hope you all have a great Christmas and New Year and lots of fun xx
  9. Thanks Shine and Pami for your birthday messages xxx :wub2: Thanks for more news and lovely pics, that must of been for my birthday
  10. Hi all Thanks to; Nanda, Makeitcount, Amandine, Oxford, BarbieErin, Fash, Sick, Leo Lover, Katchitup & Princess for your beautiful birthday wishes :wub2: I think that Leo does amazing things inside and outside of acting and a person can only be defined by what they do and not what they can win. Though I have every faith that Leo will win an Oscar and many other prestigious awards because he is so talented, whenever that may be. I am proud of him for who he is and what he does for others and always will be, awards or no awards.
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