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  1. Lucky Barbara... Seriously Leo ... away! I saw on her twitter someone asked her to say hi to leo...I guess she did Barbara is still with Kristolf or whatever his name is, right? Shes 19 leo, shes 19. Good work Kat x And great pic Amandine Loved the editing sorry welcome eastofeden
  2. OMG!! I love this place you girls are fabulous can't believe all the great stuff on here, Thank you xx Hearts, hugs and kisses for all x Wow gotta say I loved all the pics, there is only one man that makes the 'duckface' look sexy and that's our Leo He scrubs up goooood
  3. mwah and a hug for you x

    1. FashionDream


      Awwww thanks Crazy( I still feel bad for calling you that lol) sending a big hug your way as well xoxox

    2. Crazylady


      Why I am crazy lol xxx

    3. Crazylady


      I keep pressing the ol' 5 stars but it keeps changing, what's up with that ;-) hope you are ok? Love ya xx

  4. Yes I also a couple of the message that send this morning disappeared... And I'm too lazy to rewrite it
  5. Thanks for the add x

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