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  1. Merry Christmas my crazy friend! (and I say that with love haha) Enjoy your time with family and friends!! xoxox

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    2. FashionDream


      Haven't seen the Hobbit yet.. but it's all I hear people talking about. I must be in the minority but I never got into the whole LOTR hoopla... I 've never even read the books... did I just hear you gasp?? lol

    3. FashionDream


      When does Django come out in England?

    4. Crazylady


      hey you, lmao, Yes I did a huge gasp, you have good hearing ;-) lol. I had to read them from the Hobbit and in order as I am strange like that! I watched the cartoon version its brilliant, I think they captured the creepy eviliness (Word from the Steph dictionary ;-))of the wraths much more than the new films, not that you will know what I am talking about lol(dad got me into it), but they never finished it due to lack of funding.

      Django comes out the 18th Jan I think, can't wait...

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