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  1. John Constantine

    Gabrielle Anwar

    It's hard to believe howe with a bunch of mediocre roles she fits in her role as she do. She shows in "Bun notice" a level of skills in comedy, drama , passion, that amazes me. Never was a fan of her but, after watching all seasons, I think she must had bad luck choosing or is very underrated. And the same with Bruce Campbell. I used to hate him and his roles but i'm impressed with the variety of generes he shows in screen.
  2. John Constantine

    Camilla Belle

    98 % OK with you, but... lately there is something strage in her face.
  3. John Constantine

    Claire Forlani

    Somtehing is very different.. and ugly with her face. He has follow the way of Meg Ryan or Melanie Griifith, I suppose. It gives me the same crrepy feeling when I see the face of Vivea Fox after the crime she paid for her face.
  4. John Constantine

    Blake Lively

    <a href=http://img163.images
  5. John Constantine

    Blake Lively

    Valentino and Gaultier Shows at Paris Fashion Week Credits to Bikini Definitively, we must rename her to Blake Lovely. In moments like this I wish to keep living on Paris, where I born, and become a millionarie to have the chance to met her, but... at least dreaming is free... Well, becoming rich or someone like Remy in Ratatouille Ah, PAris...
  6. John Constantine

    Victoria's Secret Lingerie/Underwear

    I hate to become nostalgic buts it´s true. I remember all VS lingerie from the times of Claudia Schiffer, Karen Mulder or Daniella Pestova and it was... classy. It was like seeing a fairytale princess dressed as wating for you. Although maybe that lingerie was designed to enjoy mens' eyes and now lingerie wants to attract women then men. That can be a interesting point of view.
  7. John Constantine

    Blake Lively

    GAP Photoshoot Lovely as always Credits for nerble and original scanners
  8. John Constantine

    Jennifer Morrison

    It´s a shame. She makes me crazy but Jesse Spencer looks like (at leat at first sight) a fine guy and they made a beatiful couple. Well, life goes on ...
  9. John Constantine

    Taylor Momsen

    I´m totally nuts about her and Blake Lively. Both are totally gourgeous.
  10. John Constantine

    Blake Lively

    That's true, Solo. I think she has the sweetest and prettyest smile I've seen since Julia Roberts'. And, about the comment of older postss, I thinke its rgiht that her physic maybe doesn't fit perfectly to her role, because se looks a good and finest person in reality than her role.
  11. John Constantine

    Ashley Tisdale

    Somebody must explain me someday why beautyful girls and women, whom most of the males of the world like me dream of, has to go to plastic surgeon. Surgeon that, in a lot of cases, ruins her face. Meg Ryan, Nicole Kidman, etc. Well, these are women of a certain age, but... Ashley? 18 years? A gourgeous girl? Please! Isn´t anybody in her inner circle that can explain her the dumbness of this?
  12. John Constantine

    Victoria's Secret Lingerie/Underwear

    Thanks for the christmas gift...
  13. John Constantine

    Caroline Francischini

    I´ve discovered her recently in VS and the last time a model shocks me that way was Ale. Its really gorgeous.
  14. John Constantine

    VS Model's ID

    Is this Caroline Francischini? Seems a lot to me, but I´m not sure at all...
  15. John Constantine

    Victoria's Secret Swimwear

    The last 2 images aren't from Next? Nowadays, thumbs up for both. The result are the same. Gorgeous