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  1. carolina fontaneti

  2. It's not Carolina on the first video! definitely!
  3. Thanks Sanja! such nice pictures you got!
  4. I found this from Manoel Bernardes Jewerly: http://www.manoelbernardes.com.br/pt/
  5. from: http://thedayshello.tumblr.com/
  6. Some polish magazine... wondering which one... anyone?
  7. Italian GIOIA magazine ( So Glam and gorgeous! ) Ph. Andrea Miller
  8. Those last pictures posted were very personal... I like the ones from her work. Here it goes some: source: http://www.everythingbutwater.com
  9. I found some pictures of LULU campaign ! source: www.lulubrasil.com.br
  10. and these.... From C&A department store by Christian Gaul she works a lot for C&A! I saw a bunch of videos... see if I can find them to post here!
  11. I've been following her topics at TFS and here, it seems we can do soo much better! So here is my contribution! I found these... hope you guys like it! From brasilian ELLE shoot by Tiago Molinos look so fresh and young!
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