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  1. Omg thank you both! This thread is officially solved already.
  2. Been looking for them for a while and had no luck, not sure if thats just bad timing or if their just buried somewhere in the forums. [Yes, it seems all my inquiries come in three.] Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Bump, in case anyone recognizes the last model.
  4. Think it might possibly be Paulina Albershtien.
  5. Thank you From Russia With Love! From your help I also found number 2, Katya Kulyzhka.
  6. Hey guys, been kinda obsessing on trying to find out who these models are for the last few months and finally decided to ask for some help. Any would be appreciated. Thanks. Found: 1) Sharon Kavjian. [From Russia With Love] 2) Katya Kulyzhka. 3) Amanda Streich. [aramis]
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