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  1. She deserves it completely! Is it any chance for her to walk in the show?
  2. Me too. Barbara will look great, I am sure!
  3. Isn`t she just perfectly beautiful? For me she is!!!
  4. She is beautiful like a princess!And she is a great model!
  5. One of the most beautiful models for sure
  6. Emily beauty is in her genes-her whole family is very beautiful. With her brother and sister Emily as a kid-you can already see her stunning features! her beautiful parents
  7. She has amazing everything - her beauty is uncomparable! She was only a teenager in this photo!
  8. I have no intention to offend Kristen Stewart fans, but Charlize suits better the role of Snowhite !
  9. So happy to find thread dedicated to her-she was so beautiful and fragile!
  10. Click to enlarge -Ava first screentest!
  11. I have never thought that Emily and Coco look so much alike until this campaign!!!
  12. Her eyes are so big -she is like a doll!
  13. She is incredibly beautiful!!!
  14. I am so happy for her-she is stunning and she needs to get Angel wings-she is perfect! Her body,face and hair are so beautiful and natural! And she actually has boobs without push- up bra!
  15. tumblr_locbr0Fcra1qj0467o1_500.bmp tumblr_locbr0Fcra1qj0467o1_500.bmp
  16. This girl is insanely beautiful, but I want to see her not only in catalogs or jeans campaigns, but to rock the runway,be VS angel and to do more editorials!Or must I be grateful just to see her because she can vanish suddenly as before- she does not seem to care about industry so much... Of course,it is not my business-she can do what she wants, but I hoped she will become huge name in modelling business and now I kind of disappointed. But big thanks everybody for her photos-they are so appreciated! and does anybody know why she does not work with VS anymore?
  17. I am so happy for Adriana doing editorials again!
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