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  1. Thanks Oxford. Good to see Django doing so well at the box office!
  2. I-killedkenny, thanks for the news about the Django cast appearing on Le Grand Journal! Too bad Leo can't join them yet with promoting Django But I love to hear what the others have to say about the movie (and maybe also about Leo ), so I hope it will end up on youtube! Candie, thanks for the tweet. Not sure what I would do when I'd meet Leo. I'd probably mumble some words and be like this haha! Omg Linz! Don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight haha!! Great gif!!
  3. Ok here it goes Hope I can get the scans to work here! Here are a few scans that accompanied a part of the book: Leonardo, Up close and personal by Victoria Looseleaf. Victoria was a friend of the DiCaprio's and interviewed Leo for her show, it should be on youtube somewhere "Leonardo loved dressing up, showing an early tendency toward creating different characters - another reason, perhaps, to become an actor. Leonardo not only got to dress up in all kinds of interesting and exotic costumes but would get paid for doing it, too! When the money was tight, however, Halloween, the ultimate time for dressing up in a child's life, would have to be improvised. Leonardo would don a zabra-striped mask, a bolt of animal-skin cloth would be wrapped around him Tarzan-style, and the final touch, a red cape, would be tied around his neck. At a very young age, Leo was not exactly King of the World, but he certainly was King of the Jungle, or at least King of His Neighborhood! Another way Leo liked dressing up - or dressing down - was as a member of the Los Angeles Mudpeople. The Mudpeople are a group of urban primitives led by teacher and poet Mike Mollett. Mike organizes walkabouts, in which friends cake their nearly naked bodies with wet mud, adorning themselves with leaves and other organic materials and finally donning huge handmade mud heads. They do not speak, but walk around various parts of Los Angeles "exploring" their terrain: meaning they inspect anything from loose street gravel to blooming bougainvillea to somebody's shiny belt buckle. George and Peggy liked being Mudpeople an dthey thought Leo might enjoy it, too. I was never a Mudperson but preferred taking pictures of them instead on their many outings. Afavorite Mudpeople excursion was participating in the annual Festival of Masks. Leo "mudded up" with George, Peggy, Mike, and the others before they all marched in the parade down Wilshire Boulevard. Hey, it was probably just another form of acting. But Leo excelled at it. He would remain speechless for a while, march around unself-consciously, and ultimately be in awe of his surroundings. While mudding up took a bit of doing, being a natural clown was a lot easier for Leonardo. He had a mischievous side and would continue to hone it in the years to come, when he entertained cast and crew on the many movie sets he would work on. I remember one party that I gave in a Chinese restaurant where he folded his napkin into a samurai-warrior kind of hat, then stuck it on his head. It would have been okay if the napkin were clean, but his was covered in duck sauce! Little Leo, we all soon realized, took after his father, who also liked joking around."
  4. Katch, no problem Thanks for the cover of LIVE magazine! He looks so handsome!! :wub2:
  5. Oxford, thanks for the box office estimates. Good to see Django on #1! Sure hope the people watching the screeners think the movie is awesome and so still go and watch in cinema! I know I would Hi Fash Hi mz_linz Hi Sick Good to be back. I read here every now and then for my Leo fix haha, but don't post often. Sick, my heart skipped a beat when I turned the book and saw cute baby Leo. He was so cute as a baby! Ah, what am I saying, he's still cute, he'll always be cute Found some scans of the pics from the book. Will try to share them in a bit Amandine, thanks for the scan! Much better and bigger than my scans Aw look at his wild hair haha, adorable!
  6. Sick, thanks for all those awesome scans!! So cool to see all those Leo covers I dug up my old Leo collection (so glad I've never thrown anything Leo away!!) and will share some stuff with you. I've scanned quite some stuff throughout the years so I will try to find it somewhere and share it here. One little thing I found in my collection, I completely forgot I had this, is the Leo biography by Victoria Looseleaf. Anyone has this or know this? Some cute stories and rare pictures in there
  7. Thanks for your reviews of Django Unchained girls! I´m so amped to see Django and Gatsby! Feels like I´ve been waiting forever for a new Leo movie. Django will be in cinemas here 17 Januar, finally!! Will go and see it as soon as I can. Maybe even a few times haha Hope everyone here gets a chance to see it!!
  8. Wow! So many updates here, I can´t keep track of it all haha!! Thanks so much to all of you for all the great info, tweets, pics, videos and fun!!! This is such a great place for Leo fans, you guys are awesome!! :blueeyedbaby: :dance:
  9. Thanks girls! I can't wait to hear more good comments and reviews of Django Unchained!! Why can't they say too much about it now? The studio knows it's good and I'm sure they'll know the viewers are really liking the new Tarantino so why not let those viewers comment on it? It's good and free publicity for the movie!! I came across an Reply Posted on November 6, 2012 at 1:44 pm
  10. Many thanks everyone for all the pics, video´s and info you posted! You girls are awesome! I´m dying to finally see a new Leo movie, the wait is so long but the news, tweets, pics and vids make it a little more bearable to wait Have any of you read The Great Gatsby book or seen the first film? I thought of reading it, but I've seen The Great Gatsby with Robert Redford and Mia Farrow this weekend. It was nice so I can not wait to see what Baz has done with the film!! While watching, I pictured Leo to be Robert Redford hehe Having seen this version now, I really think Leo, Tobey and Carey have been perfectly casted for it! Too bad we have to wait for the Summer to see it
  11. Thanks SweetGaby for that cute video of Bar. Nice story Girl, joyezz and Amandinefrance, thanks for those videos! So funny haha!! The Rango/Django trailer is really well made! haha Thanks Amandinefrance for showing how many twitter followers Leo has. Wow! That's a lot!! I have never looked at how many people were following him on twitter. I always like to check who's following who haha, it's a weird thing that I do haha, I don't know why. But a while ago I came across Kristen Zang's twitter and noticed she's following Leo on twitter! Just thought that was interesting https://twitter.com/#!/EmmaLousKitchen/following
  12. Hey everyone! I'm new here. I've been reading on this forum every now and then for a while and I finally decided to join! Thanks everyone for posting all those great Leo pix, vids, tweets and info! Thanks ketchitup for the news about the new Leo biography book. Looks like his biography has been updated, there hasn't been a new Leo biography book out for years that I know. Could be a nice read. Neonntiger92, I don't think the biography is official or approved by Leo's people. I think if it were to be an official biography, it would say so somewhere on the book or in the description. But ofcourse, I could be wrong. However, the writer, Douglas Wight, has worked at The Sun and News of the World so that doesn't really sound credible to me haha http://www.johnblakepublishing.co.uk/e-store/Leonardo-DiCaprio.html
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