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  1. I agree, he sorta looks unkept in these pics, but love to see them anyways.
  2. Not sure if this this be on here or in General, article mentions Leo involvement with Wife last May, Sad that they are linking him to the news https://celebrity.yahoo.com/news/deal-no-deal-model-katie-clearys-husband-andrew-003000129-us-weekly.html
  3. I agree with you, I noticed that Toni was not sitting by him but he's always been weird about pics of him and girlfriends so maybe they sat apart so there were no pics of them together, I think the relationship is a win/win for both of them but may not be a forever sort of thing.
  4. Something is def up, I would think they are broken up or he wouldn't be acting that way, someone of his status knows that he will have pics taken, or she is ok with him doing that kind of stuff, I know if there were pics of my boyfriend doing stuff like that i would not be happy, but if my boyfriend was Leo he could do whatever he wanted to (sad but true) Either way its nice to see him with a 32 year old brunette, gives me hope!
  5. FashionDream: Where is your siggy from? Looks like a cute interview.
  6. He looked smoking hot on snl. So handsome and funny! Glad he was finally on, even if just for a few minutes.
  7. Can anyone tell me the name of song they are playing when wolf of wallstreet wins something, sounds familiar to me but I cannot find it, even after looking through soundtrack. Thanks
  8. I saw the movie yesterday! I liked it, maybe not my favorite Leo movie but his performance was great! I went out for popcorn and when I got back my husband said, "you are going to be so mad" I missed his butt and wedding scene!!!! The butt made another appearance but will have to wait to see dancing scene. there was a elderly couple behind us and they left after first scene, def more nudity and swearing than I am use to seeing but did not bother me, lots of sex scenes with leo but none too flattering, lol, he looks good but not romantic or sexy scenes I would have liked to see. Happy New Year...
  9. She's almost 80 years old time to retire -- so negative she should respect other people's work instead of being so miserable!!! And it's based on someone's life so why not just accept his digusting life for what it is. Makes me mad hearing people like this? I've never heard of her in my life she's actress ?? Who is she and what has she starred in that is so damn memorable!!! Well, you can't win them all, and I don't think they were looking to win over the 80 year old female crowd....
  10. Neither one is too lucky in awards department, Joaquin for obvious reasons (PR stuff), and Leo for....... I don't know why, he's just too lovely I think. good thing is I don't think either of them really care about awards..
  11. I am excited too, plus Joaquin Phoenix is my second favorite actor so its a double yeah for me! Odd that both of them are in musical/comedy category.
  12. I don't know if I buy what this guy is saying, the film did play for sag nomination committees, several of them. there are 2100 members on the committee so obviously they could have not all seen it but movies have come out late before and still been nominated. Not that is will get nominated but I don't think late screenings will be the reason why.
  13. some pics deserve to be posted twice....... ahh be still my heart!
  14. awww, how messy for Erin, I'm sure she's fine but still uncomfortable to be at same places as your ex and new girlfriend, no matter who you are...
  15. awww, that video makes me laugh... i love the way he keeps pulling her towards him, think he had a little too much of something but looks like a fun time was had by all...
  16. Is Leo still attached to "Rasputin" movie, maybe this is the look he is going for
  17. Love all the new pics! I like long hair, just wish it wasn't so greasy looking, Makes me want to give him a shower :brows:
  18. katchitup - thanks for reminding me not to post in other thread, never sure where to post things . and I'm sure Leo is a kinky sex ear biter
  19. oxford25, on 28 Oct 2013 - 2:33 PM, said: Someone mentioned the ear touching, Not sure when these photos were taken but in one of her instagram pics (one labeled stuck in traffic) it looks like something is up with her ear (pimple, bite, something), maybe that's why he's checking it out... Of course maybe its just the angle of camera...
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