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  1. or what his PR thinks he should care about ..... LOL ....i joke
  2. some people he SHOULD NOT associate with *coughs* CHRIS BROWN, naomi campbell and sketchy billionaires *coughs* :yuckky: o someone should tell him he isn't 23 anymore and its beginnng to look lame. if only he was as good with his personal life as he is with his professional life...and NOT mr. double standards. maybe he is just restless soul
  3. http://www.belfastte...e-16188567.html I dont understand this. If I was dating someone, I dont know who they dated before me and I wouldnt care,but I wouldnt compare myself to them. For me , there is a reason why he chose me. plus I am too worried about important issues to worry about staying thin. I love myself and I ove to eat. Dieting is an after-thought for me lol. But back to blake...if I was with leo i wouldn't sweat it. Does he starve himself? HELL NO!!!!! He doesn't care how he looks. REALLY! He isnt high maitenance.so i dont understant why his girlfriends have to be. If you are afraid to be your NATURAL weight because you are afraid some guy will leave you, then there are two problems: 1) HIM..he is freaking insecure... 2) you, girl need better esteem. kick him to the curb ( lol Blake did just that). I love leo like the rest of you, but im realistic and he has some insecurites... EDIT: i know this story is made up! But still...nobody should feel pressure while in a relationship!
  4. him hiding like this is getting pretty stupid...is he gonna do this in his 40's and 50's.....he will look utterly pathetic, but hopefully by then , for his sake, he will be done with the partying.
  5. well lets be honest...Milan is the closest thing to a son ( he is leos godson)Leonardo has right now. so ofcourse he would be devoted!! i love spain!!! so does Milan...maybe we can manipulate leo into liking them lol ...i love real madrid!
  6. if she is the one, he doesnt ACT like it ...compared to the rest of the girls he has dated!! This too shall pass! and she wants kids at her age? not a degree or anything else? marriage is one thing but kids are another but i guess different strokes for different folks! heard the same stories of when he was with Gisele, Bar, Blake , and now Erin when he is ready to slow down his pace in his personal life..not partying, clubbing ( i mean he has been doing this for over 20 years...he MUST BE TIRED by now )..we WILL see a different side to him and not this now.
  7. if he is going to cheat..then why be in a monogamous relationship
  8. he should give up the smoking cigars and the drinking.....
  9. Christopher Waltz and Christopher Walken..two different people my mistake
  10. ^^^ at the beginning of the youtube video....Leo says: "current affairs , hollywood, and all the other people, 'Hello". This is a hard copy?....I am a good guy"
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