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  1. talking about legs ...... :laugh:

    and two of my favourite pictures of Laetitia plus a pic of Laetitia and one of the finest Argentinian models, Valeria Mazza :wub:

    There's another picture with Vale carrying Laetitia on her back, but I don't know where I have saved it :blush: . So if anyone has it ;)

  2. Hi, anyone can help me with this editorial? The only one model I recognize is Valeria Mazza... I would like to know which magazine belongs these pictures., Elle? Glamor? month, year? models? The only thing I can read is THE ITALIANS... but I don't know...

    Thank you for helping me

    post-61049-0-1446084188-22786_thumb.jpg post-61049-0-1446084188-24615_thumb.jpg

    TheItalianseditovaleria2.jpg 001_TheItalianseditovaleria4.jpg TheItalianseditovaleria.jpg posibleTheItalians.jpg

  3. Hi people! I'm wondering if you have this Guess ads in good/high quality. IF not, maybe some information where I can find it, or wich magazine could has it... etc. I love this ad! But my pictures are cut or bad quality :( SO SAAAD! haha

    post-61049-0-1446017988-79119_thumb.jpg th_857316565_CopiadeCopiade150_526487258157_133_n_122_42lo.jpg

  4. SI Argentina Oct 97

    Hi, are you from Argentina? Puedo hablarte en español? Me encanta Valeria Mazza y estoy desde hace un tiempo ya, juntando material de ella. Y armando una red de amigos, en foros y demas.

  5. My Scans of VS catalogs.

    VS Clothing Sale II 1998 - (Summer) - pages 30-31 - 32 - 33:

    Daniela Peštová, Basia Milewicz, Heidi Klum, Eva Herzigova, Elaine Irwin, Ines Rivero and one unknown.

    thumb-7375_4E2EEA8E.jpg thumb-3A38_4E2EEA8E.jpg thumb-DEBC_4E2EEA8E.jpg thumb-48DF_4E2EEA8E.jpg

    thumb-1AC0_4E2EEA8E.jpg thumb-FD7C_4E2EE8FC.jpg thumb-AF39_4E2EE8FC.jpg thumb-CF9C_4E2EE8FC.jpg

    thumb-63F7_4E2EE8FC.jpg thumb-8B58_4E2EE8FC.jpg thumb-458A_4E2EE77D.jpg thumb-A5A2_4E2EE77D.jpg

    thumb-4950_4E2EE77D.jpg thumb-E5A7_4E2EE77D.jpg thumb-046A_4E2EE77D.jpg

    SHARE THESE IMAGES! But credit the scanner. Thanks.

    Could be Meghan Douglas?

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