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  1. {name}

    Great Actress / Singer

    This is actually her video on aol music: Jennifer Landon Let me know what you think...
  2. {name}

    Great Actress / Singer

    I was wondering. do you think it's possible to be a great actress & a singer at the same time. And which female actress/singer do you think has the best acting AND singing talent? I started thinking about this after I found out that Jennifer Landon (daughter of Michael Landon of 'Highway to Heaven', 'Little House on the Prairie', & 'Bonanza' fame) who followed her dad's acting career and really did well in the daytime soap AWS (As the World Turns) went on to launch a singing career. I believe she only has 1 song out right now, called Slide, but it's really good. You can check it on iTunes if you like. Any thoughts?"
  3. {name}

    Fort Minor

    one of the best albums i got this year. Cheers for Fort Minor