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  1. Bruna Tenorio

    nice bruna nice pics love it~~~~~
  2. Bruna Tenorio

    bruna becomes famous in China at one night!! as China hs a competition which is finding a gal to be the main character of a traditional love novel a person posts bruna's pic one the web & everyone loves her!! everybody(180,000 people) wants her to be the winner but somebody suggested that she's not Chinese gal she's not suitable for the character anyway she becomes famous in China already
  3. Bruna Tenorio

    u r from hk??? gd!!!!!!!!!!!! u kno portuguese?? my MSN: [email protected] let's hv a chat I was born in the US, but I grew-up in HK---my parents are from there I don't know Portuguese, but I am part Portuguese. Does that count??? then y do u kno her ethnic?? the web's in portuguese
  4. Bruna Tenorio

    u r from hk??? gd!!!!!!!!!!!! u kno portuguese?? my MSN: [email protected] let's hv a chat
  5. Bruna Tenorio

    thx domejules i hate myself for not knowing portuguese i wanna kno wt 5/7/05 was written i find that bruna looks like her mom her mom's a pretty woman! also, wtz the meaning of "amor"?? do u kno that did bruna win that model contest??(that one 2 yrs ago) thx a lot~~~~~
  6. Bruna Tenorio

    so gd~~ ur r brazilian~~ i wanna kno wt 08/13/06 of her fotolog was written b'coz that entry hs lots words & also 08/12/06 b'coz she talked about hong kong, my home town or u can simply translate any entry u like i think everybody here would like to kno more about bruna thx 4 ur help
  7. Bruna Tenorio

    do u kno wt the show is?? i like their eyes~~ creature-like thx 4 posting
  8. Bruna Tenorio

    wow~ how can u find the pics?? private pics~ great! i wanna kno if the woman's bruna's mother??
  9. Bruna Tenorio

    nice to c that
  10. Bruna Tenorio

    long 4 new pics
  11. Bruna Tenorio

    found from now model, brazil
  12. Bruna Tenorio

    great pics!!!
  13. Bruna Tenorio

    do we need to wait until the fall/winter fashion shows to see bruna's new pics?? oh no........
  14. Bruna Tenorio

    i love her when i saw her @ the vy first time!! she've been to hong kong for work for 3 months but nobody kno her here........ anyway~ hope she'll more & more famous & we can see her in magazines