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  1. I want to cry :'(((((((( it's a joke????? http://www.awardsdaily.com/blog/2012/12/09/san-diego-film-critics-society-nominations/
  2. Awww Girls you all make me laught so hard :Nicole: :Nicole: Thank you for the news
  3. OMG I'M IN LOOOOOOOOOVE! By spanishgirlnamedpati Thank to her so much
  4. Sorry it's cause my bad english ...... Yes the hour right now in New-York, but it's ok
  5. Thanks Kat , yes that I know that but i wanted to know what time is it right now lol but i believe to know!
  6. Wendy Beautiful signature by Kat Like your icon ! Someone can you tell me how hour before the VSFS in NY? cause I don't know what hour it will be in France ... Thank you in advance!
  7. OMG so BEAUTIFUL I love all the pictures Thank you so much Lovemusic102
  8. Thank you for the news all dears Erin fans She is so beautiful in this white dress!
  9. I can't breathe with all this PERFECT news pics! Thank you all for the news!!!!!
  10. You know how keep me awake lol it's 3h09am here xD Thank you BarbieErin I can't waiiiiiiit
  11. OOOOMMMGGGG I'M DEEEEAAAAADDDDD Thank you so much for the news and the pic! This Vibe cover
  12. You are all so cute when you answ in french, your French are always perfect like you Leo Lover
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