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  1. OMG!!! Django's here! Also, I was wondering who that guy biking with them is? Is he just photobombing?
  2. http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/bde8872dc5/l-dicaprio-j-edgar-parody Hey guys! Love all the new pics! So I bet this is a repost but I laughed so hard at this LOL! Leo needs that oscar!
  3. That literally made my day and it wasn't even the trailer!! I know what you mean barilace about the press tour. I feel like they will be more comfortable and maybe share personal stuff!!! I can't wait!
  4. OMG those pics are amazing!!! He looks better than ever. Is it just me or does he look 10 years younger? haha what a hottie. Oh and welcome all the new people! I guess I'm still new too
  5. Guys I just love in this video when Leo sees the pap and his hair in the video is so funny. I have to resort to look at old videos and pics because there is no Leo news! Come out of hiding Leo!!! http://www.x17online.com/celebrities/leona...vely_062711.php
  6. GUYS!!! I was just watching enews and Erin was on with two other VS angels. At the end they asked them to raise their hands if they were single and she didn't raise her hand. haha Not that big a deal. But does that mean they are getting more serious?!?!?
  7. Omg great pics! Notice everyone wants to say hi to Leo lol!!!!
  8. So lukas is in N.O. because he checked in on mobli. Maybe they will go out together? Maybe more pictures? lol
  9. Oh my god I loved all those Ruby pictures! Is Leo the godfather?
  10. Hey I found this pic of Leo and Erin at a Hornets bball game. You guys have prob seen it but thought I would post it anyway
  11. Awww thanks so much! You guys are so nice. So I have the pics. One is of Armie Hammer next to Leo's escalade (hybrid obvi.). He looks super weird but it is him. and the other one is leo's trailer!!!! It was really his I promise. I'm going to look cause I think I have more.
  12. Welcome! :flower:

  13. welcome to BZ! :)))

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