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  1. Biutiful Michelle Vawer set you have

  2. Who is the model in your avatar?

  3. U R the best ♥♥♥

  4. Hey sweetie, I would like to know who is the girl in your set?

  5. K I will try

  6. Michea is pretty too. But I think Lana is prettier

  7. U R awesome. 5 stars for U.

  8. Thanx for the reply you are sweet,that is easy, I thought it might have a code or something. I will copy & paste your heart.

  9. Is the model of your avi Barabara Palvin? If not who is she?

  10. How do u make a heart on your siggy between each models name?

  11. Thanx U so much, U R amazing.

  12. Lana is beautiful, I 1st thought it was Michea but it didn't really look like her.

  13. Thanks Honey :happy:

  14. Her name is Sandra Kubicka she is a model & has a thread here. Thank you for the welcome, you are sweet.

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