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  1. Shooting for Alem Magazine in Turkey (anyone else secretly hoping for a Vogue Turkey shoot?): twitter/ana_b_b
  2. Having dinner with Paty in Istanbul: twitter/ana_b_b
  3. A few more runway shots from Porto Alegre! Felipe Neves flickr
  4. She seems to be - she tweeted about it, saying it was a new life! So that sounds pretty positive.
  5. Two pics from the MDFT finale in Porto Alegre: monangedreamfashiontour.globo.com FYI, the next MDFT show in Rio will be broadcast live on the web. Here's hoping Ana will be there!
  6. A few backstage shots from MDFT at Porto Alegre last night! twitter/ana_b_b, twitter/team_isabeli, twitter/fe_motta, twitter/mdft_
  7. Some more HQs from the VS Swim Luncheon from last week!
  8. Here's some UHQ stills from the M&S commercial that haven't been posted yet. planetphotos
  9. Now, onto HQs of the Party last night! getty
  10. Some more HQs from the Swim Launch:
  11. HQs - VS Swim 2011 Launch, March 30 2011 modelcandids.com
  12. Here's some more HQs! Love the closeups... HQs - VS Swim 2011 Collection Launch, March 30 2011 inf-goff
  13. HQs from the MDFT launch yesterday! modelcandids.com
  14. HQs of the MDFT Press Conference! modelcandids.com
  15. UHQs from the new M&S campaign! danmatye @ AAOF
  16. Three more M&S videos - doesn't look like they did the little individual interviews they've done in the past, bummer! Behind The Scenes Insolia Two Cupsizes
  17. New M&S Spring 2011! marksandspencer.com
  18. The new Marks & Spencer Spring 2011 commercial is out! Ana looks stunning, I think it's my fave so far out of all her M&S commercials.
  19. New Monange Dream Fashion Tour commercial!
  20. Ana is the face of a new Avon product, Anew Solar Advance! bellazon, avon.com Accompanying Video posted in the Motion thread!
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