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  1. And again, here are all the pics with Adriana alone, I'll post the group pics later. HQs - Adriana Lima at the What is Sexy 2011 Party, May 12 2011 modelcandids.com
  2. Here are alone-shots of Adriana at the launch, I will post the 100+ group shots sometime later, some class pics of Ale and Adriana in that batch! HQs - Adriana Lima at the Bombshell Launch, The Grove, May 12 2011 modelcandids.com
  3. HQs - VS Angels Arrive for the Bombshell Launch, The Grove, La, May 12 2011 modelcandids.com
  4. I have about 3 bazillion HQs to post, and two hours before I need to go to work. Will try to get as many posted as I can before then! Apologies for any reposts, there might be a few that have been posted above already. HQs - Adriana & Candice sign autographs at the VS Store, The Grove, LA modelcandids.com
  5. Cover of the new M&S Magazine, click for HQ: twitter/marksandspencer
  6. HQs - Adriana cheering for Marko at basketball game, May 7 2011 modelcandids.com
  7. Got my copy of Numero Tokyo yesterday, so here are the UHQ scans! 'Heiress Of The Kingdom' Ana Beatriz Barros for Numero Tokyo April 2011 scans by me
  8. Woohoo, looks like Ana is going to the Met ball!!!! The red dress is Valentino.
  9. And lastly, HQs from the runway last night! HQs - MDFT Rio de Janeiro, April 30 2011 fashionshowphotos.net
  10. Some pics from Twitter recently: AMFAR fitting: Shoe shopping for Anja with Alessandra: With Matheus, Alessandra, and Fernanda: Backstage at MDFT Rio yesterday with Isabeli, Izabel, and Alessandra: twitter/mamazzafera & twitter/isabelifontana1
  11. Aww so she definitely got one of them! That's so cool. Congrats, I'm sure you're over the moon!!!
  12. Some new candids from yesterday! HQs - Lunch in Rio with Alessandra, Patricia, and actor Raul Guterres modelcandids.com
  13. Some HQs of the AMFAR Gala. modelcandids.com
  14. I saw - that's so cool!!!! Did you send her the drawing??
  15. So pretty. Here's some HQs! HQs - AMFAR Inspiration Gala, Sao Paulo, April 28 2011 getty, wireimage
  16. Oh my gosh, Ana looked stunning at the AMFAR gala in Brazil last night! A few Twitter pics (I'm going to get HQs now): twitter/ana_b_b
  17. With her sister Patricia: matheusmazzafera.glamurama.uol.com.br
  18. A few more recent twitter pics! twitter/ana_b_b, twitter/femotta
  19. And here are 4 proper HQs from the Turkey Show: wenn
  20. More from Turkey! facebook.com/MarksandSpencerTR
  21. And 6 better-quality pics from the M&S runway show yesterday (click to see larger): 9sn.net
  22. Two more Twitter pics of Ana in Turkey: twitter/nextmodellondon; twitter/OnderSariahmet
  23. Backstage at MDFT Porto Alegre damnamyte @ AAOF
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